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You are right, treshold XP 5000 will prevent many people from participating...;-)

But treshold of plain simple XP 20 or even 50 will not, and will lower the noise level some. Even more important, I am sure I myself will feel it as a friendly guide on my first steps in PM, preventing me from embarrasment, pointing into places where gems are stored, ways to find them, and not as a nuisance.

It will also give new meanings to term "initiate" and "novice": after XP 20 you are done with initiating, we do not need to remind you all the time about basics stuff - you are experienced enough to do it yourself... ;-)

It is exactly nurturing and inclusionary in the internet terms - empowering you to help yourself, when and how you need it, instead waiting to some expert to help you. It is about collecting and preserving knowledge of our community in a non-elitist manner, meaningful also for first-time users.

Everybody can still bypass suggestions and post even most stupid question answered in FAQ, and somebody will still answer it (in friendly manner, I am sure), pointing to same FAQ), because person might missed something.

Or do you feel that even XP 20 is way too high?

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