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Re: Pulling specific data from a large text file

by TStanley (Canon)
on Jun 13, 2014 at 18:22 UTC ( #1089846=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Pulling specific data from a large text file

OK, Had to make some changes, but I got what I wanted. I am showing just the while loop that has been driving me nuts. Here are the changes:

while(<$IN>){ chomp; if (m/$start/) { $name = $1; next; } elsif (m/^record size:\s+(\d+)/) { $Hash{$name}{'record_size'} = $1; next; } elsif (m/^last record:\s+(\d+)/){ $Hash{$name}{'last_record'} = $1; next; } elsif (m/^data byte count:\s+(\d+)/) { $Hash{$name}{'data_byte_count'} = $1; next; } elsif (m/^\s+index name:\s+(\w.*)/) { push(@{ $Hash{$name}{'indexes'} }, $1); next; }else{ next; } } close $IN; foreach my $key (keys %Hash) { print $OUT "File: $key<BR>\n"; print $OUT "\tRecord Size: $Hash{$key}{'record_size'}<BR>\n" i +f defined $Hash{$key}{'record_size'}; print $OUT "\tLast Record: $Hash{$key}{'last_record'}<BR>\n" i +f defined $Hash{$key}{'last_record'}; print $OUT "\tData Byte Count: $Hash{$key}{'data_byte_count'}< +BR>\n" if defined $Hash{$key}{'data_byte_count'}; if (defined $Hash{$key}{'indexes'}){ my $str = join ', ', @{ $Hash{$key}{'indexes'} } ; print $OUT "Index Names: $str<BR><BR>\n"; }else{ print $OUT "<BR><BR>\n"; } } }

I ran the hash through Data::Dumper and was seeing all of the data, but was having an issue printing. I then noticed that some fields were missing in the data, so I went back and verified that they didn't exist in the actual files. Once I did that, I put in the defined checks and everything worked.


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