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Re: Static news system

by BBQ (Deacon)
on May 10, 2000 at 08:30 UTC ( #10890=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

updated: the poster managed to mangle his own post, but I backed up the history enough to salvage the original question below in italics

hi, i'm very new to perl, very... how can I make a simple news system for a static page with a comment section? where you log in as an admin and are confronted with news submissions form? i dont know much at all so...explain very thoroughly please...i dont know much at all with perl

using server side and stuff, so the news will look good too, not just slopped together, kind of like slashcode, but minus everything else and simpler than the slashcode news and comment system, please. i'm very new and would like to learn a lot more, slashcode was of no help to me, and i want to do something much simpler although easy, i know this is a large request, but please help

Hey trigger, I learned most of my (albeit small) perl skillz by doing small projects exactly like the one you are describing.

You're right when you say this is a big request, but I think you've come to the right place. The only problem is, we (monks) can't really be thorough with the breifing you just gave. There are a few details that will influence your news posting system project that will drastically change the application design. Could you answer the following questions?
  • Do you have a cgi-bin (or equivalent) at you're server / service provider?
  • Do you have a database such as MySQL or mSQL?
  • Can you run server side includes (SSI for short)?
  • Does your server / service provider run Unix or NT?
  • How often do you plan on updating?
  • How many people will be updating?
  • What is the minimum / maximum size for a post?
  • Do you have something up, a URL, that we can look at?
Once we get those cleared, you'll have a better idea of what you want, and we'll be able to point you in the correct direction and even drop in some lines of code...

# Trust no1!

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RE: Re: Static news system
by trigger (Initiate) on May 10, 2000 at 08:50 UTC
    the answer is yes to everything (for the hosting service i will be choosing), i dont know anything about mysql though, updated several times daily, 3-6 people will be updating it, sorry, nothing to look at now, i figured i should learn perl efficiently enough for me first before i really pursued the site itself much

    thanks a lot
      whoa! chill dude! you're posting several replies to your own posts! (and you managed to cut off your own question) :o)

      Back to your problem, there is one question I didn't ask, and perhaps the most important of them all:
      do you really want to learn perl or do you want someone to do all of the work for you (ie: use seomthing that someone has already written)?

      You see, there are two ways one can go about this. Either we can point you to the right direction, and you can look at tutorials, sample code, docs, et al and you can post questions on whatever doubts you have (my definite choice if I were in your shoes).

      Or, we can point you to online script repositories where you can find semi-ready to go stuff. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the second approach, but you won't learn much on-the-job that you can use later.

      What will it be?
        im new to this site, and i was surprised when my replies didn't come up, and it doesn't give a post confirmation and i kept trying to post, and at first im not even sure if i was replying or starting a got weird

        i definitely want to learn, and i prefer the snippet method of learning, i dont want completely pre-written stuff, but just snippets and things like that that "do this" or "do that", but not pre written stuff that "does all this and that and this and that" if you know what i mean


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