in reply to any mechanism to go to the end of a loop but do not exit the loop

You can always use a goto statement, like
while (foo()) { ... goto JUST_BEFORE_END_OF_LOOP if bar(); ... ... JUST_BEFORE_OF_LOOP: clean_up }
You might also checkout the continue flow control. With it, you could write it like:
while (foo()) { ... next if bar(); ... ... } continue { clean_up }

Janek Schleicher

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Re^2: any mechanism to go to the end of a loop but do not exit the loop
by ghosh123 (Monk) on Apr 17, 2014 at 16:31 UTC
    thanks for understanding my requirement and answering accordingly.
      Maybe you should say explicitly what this requirement is. Although there is at least one other programming language that I use commonly in which I am using the goto statement quite commonly (but only forward goto's, not spaghetti goto's, for those that followed the debate on the subject between, say, Dijstra, Knuth and Wirth, to name just a few) in the late 1960s and early 1970's), I don't see any reason to use this kind of goto's in Perl.

      And Larry Wall also said that he never needed to use this form of goto in Perl. (There is in Perl another form of goto (the "goto &name" version) which is very useful for some advanced techniques, but that's a different story and this is not the subject now.)

      But as a simple flow control statement, I am very skeptical. IMHO, Perl offers all the flow control statements that are needed for a good structured programming, the goto statement should probably not be used at all (except for the special goto coderef version mentioned above).