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Re: Versioned database schema git conflicts.

by Bloodnok (Vicar)
on Apr 02, 2014 at 14:06 UTC ( #1080781=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Versioned database schema git conflicts.

In my experience, it's very rarely a good idea to use dates &/or version identifiers in the names of version controlled files.

For myself, I'd use common file names for install & remove script pairs e.g. install_update.sql & remove_update.sql and then use the traditional method of continuous integration check-in whereby you rebase your repo to the current master (thus merging changes in the context of your repo) before pushing the result back up to the master. If absolutely necessary, the DB version can be recorded by means of the check-in comments - which using repo hooks, can/could be automated.

A user level that continues to overstate my experience :-))

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