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Try "install JSON::XS".

Update: Fixed typo, thank you hazylife.

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Re^2: JSON 2.5 2.90
by pno (Initiate) on Mar 24, 2014 at 07:57 UTC
    cpan> install JSON::XS Reading 'C:\Software\Perl5.18\cpan\Metadata' Database was generated on Sun, 23 Mar 2014 11:06:14 GMT Running install for module 'JSON::XS' Running make for M/ML/MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01.tar.gz Checksum for C:\Software\Perl5.18\cpan\sources\authors\id\M\ML\MLEHMAN +N\JSON-XS-3.01.tar.gz ok Scanning cache C:\Software\Perl5.18/cpan/build for sizes ...................................................................... +......DONE JSON-XS-3.01/ JSON-XS-3.01/typemap JSON-XS-3.01/ JSON-XS-3.01/Makefile.PL JSON-XS-3.01/META.yml JSON-XS-3.01/Changes JSON-XS-3.01/META.json JSON-XS-3.01/COPYING JSON-XS-3.01/XS.xs JSON-XS-3.01/README JSON-XS-3.01/bin/ JSON-XS-3.01/bin/json_xs JSON-XS-3.01/eg/ JSON-XS-3.01/eg/bench JSON-XS-3.01/t/ JSON-XS-3.01/t/18_json_checker.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/20_faihu.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/03_types.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/09_pc_extra_number.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/21_evans.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/19_incr.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/52_object.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/05_dwiw_decode.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/00_load.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/07_pc_esc.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/15_prefix.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/06_pc_pretty.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/22_comment_at_eof.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/02_error.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/01_utf8.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/10_pc_keysort.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/17_relaxed.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/11_pc_expo.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/99_binary.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/12_blessed.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/16_tied.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/08_pc_base.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/14_latin1.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/04_dwiw_encode.t JSON-XS-3.01/t/13_limit.t JSON-XS-3.01/XS/ JSON-XS-3.01/XS/ JSON-XS-3.01/MANIFEST Building M/ML/MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01.tar.gz Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Warning: prerequisite Types::Serialiser 0 not found. Warning: prerequisite common::sense 0 not found. JSON 2.5 is required for $ENV{PERL_JSON_BACKEND} = 'JSON::XS' at C:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/CPAN/Meta/ line 23. at C:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/ExtUtils/ line 884. JSON 2.5 is required for $ENV{PERL_JSON_BACKEND} = 'JSON::XS' at C:/Software/Perl5.18/lib/CPAN/Meta/ line 23. Warning: No success on command[C:\Software\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makef +ile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site] MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01.tar.gz C:\Software\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site -- NO +T OK Running make test Make had some problems, won't test Running make install Make had some problems, won't install Could not read metadata file. Falling back to other methods to determi +ne prerequisites Failed during this command: MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01.tar.gz : writemakefile NO 'C:\S +oftware\Perl5.18\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned +status 512 cpan>

      JSON::XS requires JSON, so cpan is trying to load JSON to make sure you have it. You have configured JSON to use JSON::XS which isn't installed, so JSON doesn't load.

      The solution is to stop telling JSON to use JSON::XS until you've installed JSON::XS. The following installed JSON::XS, after which you'll be fine: