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Re: Store Lotus Notes Email

by SamCG (Hermit)
on Mar 18, 2014 at 14:24 UTC ( #1078788=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Store Lotus Notes Email

I have had a fairly simple script to pull lotus notes emails and dump the subject lines and bodies into a text file. If you want them in separate files it's not all that hard, but if you want to name a bunch of files with the subject line as the title keep in mind you'll need to get rid of '\/?:*"|<> Maybe if you posted our code here it would help?
use Win32::OLE; my $server; my $database; my $folder; my $file = "temp_file.csv"; my $ini = "get_emails.ini"; if (-e $ini) { open (INI,$ini) || die "Not able to open $ini: $!\n"; chomp ($server ='' ); chomp ($database = ''); chomp ($folder = ''); } else { $server = 'servername'; $database = 'mail\user.nsf'; $folder = 'TargetFolder'; } #connect to the Notes database my $Notes = Win32::OLE->new('Notes.NotesSession') || warn "Cannot star +t Lotus Notes Session object: $!\n"; my $Database = $Notes->GetDatabase($server, $database); #Fetch contents of the folder my $Response = $Database->GetView($folder); my $Count = $Response->TopLevelEntryCount; my $Index = $Count; open (OUT, ">$file"); #loop through all emails for (1..$Count) { my $Document = $Response->GetNthDocument($Index--); my $subject = $Document->GetFirstItem('Subject')->{Text}; my $body = $Document->GetFirstItem('Body')->{Text}; print OUT "Subject: $subject\n", "Body: $body\n"; } ##`start excel.exe $file`;

s''limp';@p=split '!','n!h!p!';s,m,s,;$s=y;$c=slice @p1;so brutally;d;$n=reverse;$c=$s**$#p;print(''.$c^chop($n))while($c/=$#p)>=1;

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