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Re: poll ideas quest 2014 (profession)

by Arunbear (Prior)
on Mar 01, 2014 at 14:48 UTC ( #1076666=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to poll ideas quest 2014

Perlmonks! What is your profession?
  • Programmer
  • System administrator
  • Scientist
  • Educator
  • Monk
  • Other

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Re^2: poll ideas quest 2014 (profession)
by davies (Prior) on Mar 01, 2014 at 15:15 UTC

  • Student
  • Retired
  • Liaison to the office of Naval Contemplation ((C) Tom Lehrer)
  • Pointy-Haired Boss


    John Davies

Re^2: poll ideas quest 2014 (profession)
by Tux (Abbot) on Mar 01, 2014 at 15:13 UTC
    • A combination of all of the above

    (between "Monk" and "Other")

    Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

      between "Monk" and "Other"


        If it came after other, then a combo of all of the above could mean a merging of all professions that exist. That's too much work for one person.
Re^2: poll ideas quest 2014 (profession)
by pvaldes (Chaplain) on Mar 01, 2014 at 16:08 UTC

    And this one for the South European monks:

    What is "profession"?

      What is "profession"?

      Its those little sprinkles you put on top of ice cream :)

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