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I am trying to extract the following text from HTML page using the following code, but my code fails..

Budget - $25,000,00
Gross(worldwide) - $58,500,00

#!/usr/bin/perl use HTML::TokeParser; my $content = <<HTML; <h5>Budget</h5> $25,000,000 (estimated)<br/> <br/> <h5>Opening Weekend</h5> $727,327 (USA) (<a href="/date/09-25/">25 September</a> <a href="/year +/1994/">1994</a>) (33 Screens)<br/> <br/> <h5>Gross</h5> $28,341,469 (USA) (<a href="/date/08-05/">5 August</a> <a href="/year/ +2012/">2012</a>)<br/>&#163;2,344,349 (UK) (<a href="/date/05-18/">18 +May</a> <a href="/year/1995/">1995</a>)<br/>&#163;1,732,123 (UK) (<a +href="/date/04-16/">16 April</a> <a href="/year/1995/">1995</a>)<br/> +$58,500,000 (Worldwide)<br/>$555,480 (Belgium)<br/>ESP 637,291,985 (S +pain)<br/> <br/> <h5>Admissions</h5> 82,890 (Belgium)<br/>163,594 (France) (<a href="/date/03-28/">28 March +</a> <a href="/year/1995/">1995</a>)<br/>410,811 (Germany) (<a href=" +/date/12-31/">31 December</a> <a href="/year/1995/">1995</a>)<br/>1,2 +45,604 (Spain)<br/> <br/> <h5>Filming Dates</h5> <a href="/date/06-16/">16 June</a> <a href="/year/1993/">1993</a>&nbsp +;-&nbsp;<a href="/date/09-10/">10 September</a> <a href="/year/1993/" +>1993</a><br/> <br/> HTML my $description = ""; my $parser = HTML::TokeParser->new(\$content) || die "Can't open: $!"; while (my $token = $tp->get_tag("h5")) { my $text = $parser->get_text(); last if $text =~ /budget/i; }