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Hi, I have a perl code that recognises the name of the days and translates them into an other language. My code looks like:
next unless /(Sunday|Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday|Saturday +)/g; #there is one file for evert language containing the translations open (SRC, "<db-dates/$src") or die "can't open file '$src' $!"; my @src = <SRC>; chomp(@src); for my $i (0 .. $#src){ $dayname =~ s/@src[$i]/@tgt[$i]/g } given($tgt){ when("fr_fr") { print $day" ; } when("it_it") { print $day" ; } default { print $day" ; } }
This script, recognises the days and translate them correctly, but I am not able to print the rest of the phrase. For instance, if the sentence is Today is Monday I want to print Today is lundi for french or Today is lunedi for italian. At the moment is translates only lundi or lunedi. Thank you in advance for your time.