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Hello monks,

I'm having some trouble displaying a table.

The original code, cgi:    $account->{transactions} = [ map { { line => $_ } } @transactions ]; where @transactions is filled with tab-separated values.

I want to display the elements of @transactions as a nice 2 dimensional table. Hence my new code, with the TMPL_LOOP:

   $account->{transactions} = [ map { { line => $_ } } @transactions ]; where @transactions is populated with array references:  push @transactions, \[$date, $type, $amount, $new_balance];

and the TMPL bit:

<TABLE BORDER="1"> <TMPL_LOOP NAME="transactions"> <TR><TD>Transaction:</TD> <TMPL_LOOP NAME="line"> <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="date"></TD> <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="type"></TD> <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="amount"></TD> <TD><TMPL_VAR NAME="balance"></TD> </TMPL_LOOP> </TR> </TMPL_LOOP> </TABLE>

I don't know wether to look into altering the tmpl file or if my datastructure is just plain wrong?
The error appearing on the browser is the following:

HTML::Template->output() : fatal error in loop output : Can't call met +hod "isa" on unblessed reference at /users/jspinel/mylib/lib/perl5/HT +ML/ line 2563. at atm_choose.cgi line 15

Thank you!

J -