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BTW what is the third argument($i) nFor( $n-1, @_, $i ) doing here?

As the sub recurses, one of the array references is remove from the front of @_ at each level, and the current value being iterated by the for loop at that level is added to the end.

Once $n == 0, all the array references have been removed and $n has been shifted off, all that is left in @_, is the set of elements to be printed.

BTW. Here is a cleaner implementation that takes a callback to which the results sets are passed:

#! perl -slw use strict; sub nForX(&@) { my $code = shift; my $n = shift; return $code->( @_ ) unless $n; for my $i ( @{ shift() } ) { &nForX( $code, $n-1, @_, $i ); } } my @a = 1..10; my @b = 'a'..'z'; my @c = map chr, 33 .. 47; nForX { print join ' ', @_; } 3, \( @a, @b, @c );

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