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Switch between gVim and Bash on Windows via Ctrl-Z and fg

by sg (Pilgrim)
on Nov 10, 2013 at 01:50 UTC ( #1061881=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The script below helps move between gvim and a bash-shell on Windows using the commands Ctrl-Z and fg.

#!/c/opt/perl64/bin/perl BEGIN {(*STDERR = *STDOUT) || die;} =head Switch between gVim and Bash on Windows via Ctrl-Z and fg --------------------------------------------------------- This script helps move between gvim and a bash-shell on Windows using the commands Ctrl-Z and fg. My work-flow involves spending almost all my time in gvim on Windows. Although I have some tools to help me remain in gvim while performing tasks outside of gvim, I occasionally have to move to a bash shell. Although there are situations -- such as those involving gvim with no file open (issue: implementation does not look for the correct gVim title) or multiple gvim or bash windows (issue: implementation does no +t offer choice among multiple windows) -- where the implementation is no +t fully effective, it is satisfactory for my needs. Usage: ----- A) The following gVim mappings: nnoremap <c-z> :silent !perl c:\opt\bin\ 0 % %:p:h %:p:t<c +r> nnoremap <s-z> :silent !perl c:\opt\bin\ 0 % %:p:h %:p:t r +egister<cr> assume that this script is located at c:\opt\bin\ B) Before this script can be used, both gVim and bash windows must exi +st. C) The first time this script is used to switch between gVim and bash, it must be from gVim, and the command to be issued -- as per the ab +ove mapping -- is the normal mode command <Shift-Z>. Doing so will not only switch focus to the bash window but also define an alias f +g to get back to gVim from bash. D) Subsequent switches between gVim and bash would be via <Ctrl-Z> and + fg. Non-perl Alternatives: --------------------- 1) In Windows 7, the bash and gVim windows can be pinned to the task- bar, say, as the first and second applications respectively. Then the <Win-1> and <Win-2> activate either the bash or the gVim window +. If multiple bash or gVim windows are present, use <Ctrl-Win-1> and <Ctrl-Win-2>. 2) The console ConEmu is getting better at supporting 256 colors for console vim, but wasn't quite there as of November 3, 2013: =cut use diagnostics; use warnings; use strict; $| = 1; #----------------------------------------------------- use Win32; use Win32::GuiTest qw( SetForegroundWindow GetChildWindows GetWindowText SendKeys SetFocus ShowWindow SW_RESTORE EnableWindow ); defined $ARGV[ 0 ] or exit; my $win_id = $ARGV[ 0 ]; my $buf_str = $ARGV[ 1 ]; my $win_str_p = $ARGV[ 2 ]; my $win_str_f = $ARGV[ 3 ]; my $register = $ARGV[ 4 ]; # if called via fg in bash, go back to gVim and exit if( ! $buf_str ) { SetFocus( $win_id ); ShowWindow( $win_id, SW_RESTORE ); EnableWindow( $win_id, 1 ); SetForegroundWindow( $win_id ); exit; } # if here, script has been called from gVim # gVim window name has path within brackets $win_str_p = "($win_str_p)"; # For use in pattern matching, escape '\', '(' and ')'. $win_str_p =~ s,\\,\\\\,g; $win_str_p =~ s,\(,\\(,; $win_str_p =~ s,\),\\),; # clean up buffer paths that are relative to local directory $buf_str =~ s,^\.,,; $buf_str =~ s,^\\,,; $buf_str =~ s,^/,,; # For files in local directory, don't use path component for gVim wind +ow name ( $buf_str !~ /\\/ ) and ( $buf_str !~ /\// ) and $win_str_p = ''; my $go_back_to = ''; my $go_to = ''; # undocumented feature: user can specify target of fg command $win_id and $go_back_to = $win_id; # Get id of gVim and bash windows by iterating through all windows for my $a_window ( GetChildWindows(0) ) { my $foo = GetWindowText($a_window); # get first match to gVim window title if( ( ! $go_back_to ) and ( $foo =~ m/gvim/i ) and ( $foo =~ m/$win_str_f/i ) and ( $foo =~ m/$win_str_p/i ) ) # empty string will match { $go_back_to = $a_window; } # get first match to bash window title if( ( ! $go_to ) and ( $foo eq 'bash' ) ) # reset any messed up title via: echo -n +e "\033]0;bash\007" { $go_to = $a_window; } } # bring the bash window forward SetFocus( $go_to ); ShowWindow( $go_to, SW_RESTORE ); EnableWindow( $go_to, 1 ); SetForegroundWindow( $go_to ); # Done unless user has requested that the alias fg be created $register and ( $register eq 'register' ) or exit; # If here, need to build and issue the command to create the alias fg # Assuming script is not in path, get full path to script my $script = Cwd::abs_path( $0 ); # didn't work: File::Spec->rel2abs( +$0 ); # Convert '\' to '/' for use in bash $script =~ s,\\,/,g; # weird: have seen Cwd::abs_path use both '\' and + '/' # create the alias fg SendKeys("alias fg=\'$script $go_back_to\'\n"); __END__

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Re: Switch between gVim and Bash on Windows via Ctrl-Z and fg
by bulk88 (Priest) on Nov 10, 2013 at 04:00 UTC
    Use Winspector Spy (original home site was taken offline a long time ago, so it has no home page now on google), or MS's Spy++ to learn the window and widget titles you want to switch to. says GetWindowText only works in intra-process widgets, not inter-process widgets. So your "bash" is probably another Win32 process or a terminal app process (mintty.exe on cygwin).

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