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brain does not nessicarily mean mind!

caveat: even though i read something
doesnt mean im not skeptical!

i remeber having this great discussion
with a friend of mine who just got
her masters in psychology

i asked her how one could go about making an
closed environment for experimentation
after all everything is in
a symbiotic harmony right?

i also asked her if it was possible to
quantify the emotional content of an experiment

of course she had no answers
and she wondered why this has been so avoided

im not sure either and of course i have my theories

another thing of interest ,
that you point towards is the
ability to define an experiment
and what you think the outcome should be

what this meant is that one
scientist could think this should happen and it would
while another would try to prove another angle and get that too
the mind has a powerful influence on the outcome of things
mostly i think this is because
as stated earlier we do not live in a closed system

if your into tai chi and chi kung id suggest
reading anything by mantak chia

back in the day we didnt have no old school