Hello Monks,

I don't mean to offend anyone here. And I know this is not a Perl question, but it is a question regarding

I really wonder: why is the design of the site still so ugly and now so outdated? It's something that truly amazes me. I can just imagine how many people here has more than excelent qualifications (and perfectly good will) to rebuild the entire place into something really attractive, readable, mobile compatible and most of all, something that such an important place deserves.

I also tried looking for a similar question on Google but I found nothing. Maybe I didn't search for the right keywords.

This is one of the few places I currently don't like having to read, much less when it's about reading code. I find it exhausting even now that clear type is standar on web broswers. If I must read a large block of code here, I really need to put a zoom of 25% or 50% - or I just copy the entire thing and paste it on my editor so I can read it comfortably.

And then I really wonder, time after time: why is it so ugly and outdated still? Is it that no one wants to put work into it? That I could believe even less.

Before I posted this question, I thought: well, maybe it's just about making a great CSS over the existing HTML, which aparently has simple divs, headers and spans. So I looked at the source code... oh my God - the HTML is almost as old as this website. It's still using <font> tags, for crying out loud! The only thing that could make it look older is if it was all uppercase.

Again... I'm really not trying to make this offensive in anyway. It just amazes me and makes me wonder: Why?