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Thanks for your answer, I think I get what you're talking about but it is not the case for me. First, we have here a mixture of linuxes and macs, so I can't just make an executable bundle. Second, yes, I did really visible thing, you really have to be blind not to see it; visible, but still unwanted and therefore useless.

Our management doesn't want to hear about perl - they believe that perl not only useless but dangerous, because 'it hard to maintain and support'. 'You can write the perl code', they say, 'but you can't read it'.

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Re^3: regarding intolerance to perl which I observe
by SuicideJunkie (Vicar) on Jul 26, 2013 at 18:51 UTC

    Well, odds are good that nothing could convince them if they're truly set in their ways. All you can do is write good, readable code and look for open minded people.

    My scheme for making code readable is to try and avoid the need for comments. Use perl's keywords and your own names to have the code say things in English as much as possible. Short functions, nouns for variable names, pluralized when it is an array, verbs for functions that do things, and so on. Make the code be a comment that lacks a # in front of it.

    I even had somebody say to me that the code was surprisingly readable; they aren't a programmer, and didn't know perl, but could still follow what it was doing.