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UPDATE: This is apparently a known bug which is fixed in github but that version is not in CPAN as of yet.

I'm new to SOAP and SOAP::Lite, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around SOAP::Lite's view of the world. Under certain circumstances SOAP::Lite is receiving valuable fault information from the server, but I can't figure out how to cleanly retrieve it. Consider the following example.

use warnings; use strict; use SOAP::Lite; my $sObj = SOAP::Lite->new(uri => $NAME_SPACE, proxy => $END_POINT); my $rObj; eval { $rObj = $sObj->fooBar('here','there'); ### line 29 }; if (not defined($rObj) or $@) { warn($sObj->transport->http_response->content()); ### line 34 warn("? $0: $@"); warn("? $0: ", $sObj->transport->status(), "\n_ "); ### line 36 warn("? $0: ", $sObj->faultstring(), "\n_ "); ### line 37 }

When we run this we get the following output:

<?xml .... </S:Envelope> at ./demo4 line 34. ? ./demo4: 500 Internal Server Error at ./demo4 line 29 ? ./demo4: 500 Internal Server Error _ at ./demo4 line 36. 500 Internal Server Error at ./demo4 line 37

So we can catch the error, which if we believe line 36, is a transport error. And if we try to examine the SOAP fault in line 37, we die because we're doing a method call after apparently ignoring a transport error. Nice touch.

But the problem is that the reported error message is not very informative and if we look at the content of the http response we can see the very helpful fault string message...

"Cannot find dispatch method".

So I don't understand why this is being treated as a transport error when there is an actual SOAP response, and I don't understand how I am suppose to cleanly retrieve this response.