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Hey, marto,

Out of curiosity, I looked at other posts from you to virudinesh. Looks like you've been a busy little shiite, making sure EVERYONE else is aware of his mistakes by carefully taking the time to point to his other posts. Learning perl takes time and everyone has a different way of communicating and responding. If you don't like his, then just leave the novice alone and move on to others that you can effectively help. These kind of posts are ok once, but at this point, you are just bashing him over the head. Its not working.

After looking at virudinesh posts, I looked into yours. Though you've been helpful, there are lots of your arsehole replys, jumping on people that are trying to learn perl. This drives people away from perlmonks instead of encouraging them to keep going with it. Stop being such a PITA, while pretending to help.

Don't bother responding for MY SAKE. I'll don't have time for this BS.