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At some point older versions will not be supported and have unpatched security vulnerabilities
I don't think this is valid argument for RHEL. They maintain and fix perl by their selves AFAIK.
module updates won't run on older versions of Perl
I didn't see much modules, which won't work on perl 5.10 and even 5.8 (but I didn't check some huge frameworks)

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Re^3: Why upgrade perl?
by Your Mother (Archbishop) on May 20, 2013 at 14:11 UTC

    RedHat shipped a badly crippled version of perl a few years ago and took a long time (almost two years, IIRC) to fix the situation after being notified.

      Yep, probably something like this could happen. But I'm wondering what was the problem exactly?

        I'm not sure what config/build stuff they tweaked but some type of object introspection took a HUGE performance hit, something 100x slower. This made certain stuff that handled tons of objects and object checks, specifically DBIC in my case, unusable.

        I'll apologize right away for being too lazy too look it all up. I wonder if looking it up would have taken longer than apologizing for not doing... Or to explain why I needed to apologize. Ah, well, I like to hear myself type anyway.