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Re: CGI to Telnet Interprocess Fun Stuff

by Everlasting God (Beadle)
on Aug 09, 2001 at 00:04 UTC ( #103203=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CGI to Telnet Interprocess Fun Stuff

Well, if security isn't much of a concern (and it looks like it isn't if a webpage is gonna be performing telnet commands...) I would suggest a daemon process running the telnet session and listening on some predefined socket, preferably unix domain. Then, whenever it gets some data on that socket it can do it's thing in the telnet session, preferably with a little data laundering.
Might also be a good idea for the daemon to time out after some long time, and have the client cgi check to see if it's listening on the socket, and if not start the daemon again. That way, there won't always be a telnet session open.

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