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Thanx, it's clear now.

I was just surprised that you need two decorators!

I thought you could simply do something like

 test(def _(x): print("You are in block %s" % x))

(like  test sub { print("You are in block $_[0]") } in Perl)

Just to get closer to the Ruby feeling and to achieve this

>>> def _(x): ... print("You are in block %s" % x) ... >>> test(_) In test You are in block 1 back in test You are in block 2 test lambda a: print("You are in block %s" % a)

But one needs decorators to manipulate a literal function.

Obviously, there is only this way to do it.

FWIW Python decorators could quite easily be simulated in Perl with attributes.

I will post this soon (if I can't find it already on CPAN) =)

Cheers Rolf

( addicted to the Perl Programming Language)