Here is my first real JAPH attempt...
$a=eval ('eval q[${q&@KZB&};&{\'?~x})Jcd}anw)Ynwe)Ajh`nw\'}];$' .($/^'J').'=~/([@?][^" ]+)/; $1');for(split'',$a){print$/^(chr( ord($_)+int(length($a)/ord($/)/2)));}print$/;
Now, here is the twist... run it with perl -Mstrict. (or strict off, if you ran strict first :)

Update2 changed JAPH slightly so it works on 5.005 AND 5.6.x

Update mr_mischief informs me that my perl -Mstrict trick only works in perl 5.6.0 and above... oops! :)

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