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In my experience, there are just tons of perl jobs opening up out there recently, mostly all CGI related. I get calls weekly from my resume hanging around on, which I've been too lazy to take down. All the recruiters are asking for someone who has 'a year of experience' or 'two years of experience', but, there is such a shortage out there, that it seems almost too easy to get hired. I'm a contractor, and I've seen some purely awful perl code out there, by people who obviously have no knowledge of how to program, but just know how to cut and paste from the abundance of perl scripts out there. What I've come to find is that employers who have hired people who can just hack perl and can't really program, have eventually ended up in trouble when their employees can't fix things fast, and they have to shell out money to contractors. Perl, with its TMTOWTDI philosophy, lends itself out to poor code when in the wrong hands, and many employers seem to be moving more in the direction of 'I'd rather hire someone who doesn't know perl, but knows how to program and can learn fast.' If you were to just get the basics of perl down, such as variables, subroutines, learning your way around man pages, basic regular expressions, etc., It shouldn't be all that hard to come across someone who is happy that you know what you're doing, and is willing to cut you slack on not knowing too much perl. Hope this helps, and good luck!