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RE: Trying to display subcategories and counts

by PipTigger (Hermit)
on May 04, 2000 at 23:22 UTC ( #10258=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Trying to display subcategories and counts

Don't count same named occurrences from an array. Use the names as keys to a hash so that any duplicates just overwrite the key/value of the same name that had been encoutered earlier. If you store something useful in each value, then you might not want to just clobber the old. To append new values (in the same key), you can say: $stufhash{$namekey} .= $newvalue;If the hash doesn't have a key '$namekey' yet, it will create one with value '$newvalue' but if it's already there, it'll be appended to the old. If they're all pipe-delimited things that you want to preserve for later spliting, you might need to test if it has a value and append a pipe to the end of it's value before adding the $newvalue. That is:
if ($stufhash{$namekey}) { $stufhash{$namekey} .= "|" . $newvalue; } else { $stufhash{$namekey} = $newvalue; }
I hope this is helpful. TTFN & Shalom.


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