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Re: wxPerl: is wxListCtrl Get/SetItemFont implemented? and further important questions

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 26, 2013 at 01:40 UTC ( #1025425=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to wxPerl: is wxListCtrl Get/SetItemFont implemented? and further important questions

wxListCtrl (and mainly the virtual list control). (Gurus: I'd love to get you opinion on this).


2. Are all methods ...

No, but enough are, see Re^4: wxPerl: is wxListCtrl Get/SetItemFont implemented? ( Wx::ListCtrl::GetItemFont, Wx::ListCtrl::SetItemFont ), see Wx::DemoModules::wxListCtrl, Wx::DemoModules::wxListCtrl::Report

although adding the missing ones is practically trivial, just look inside Wx-0.9917/XS/ListCtrl.xs

wxFont* wxListItem::GetFont() CODE: RETVAL = new wxFont( THIS->GetFont() ); OUTPUT: RETVAL void wxListItem::SetFont( font ) wxFont* font C_ARGS: *font wxColour* wxListCtrl::GetItemTextColour( item ) long item CODE: RETVAL = new wxColour( THIS->GetItemTextColour( item ) ); OUTPUT: RETVAL
so you might write
wxFont* wxListCtrl::GetItemFont( item ) long item CODE: RETVAL = new wxFont( THIS->GetItemFont( item ) ); OUTPUT: RETVAL

I know what you're thinking, holy batguano batman, that just stinks ... :)

I don't know, someone smarter than me (a hermit) might just send in a bug report and/or a patch -- Wx-0.9917 released 11 Feb 2013

3. Should I stick with wxPerl and Wx::ListCtrl for this project, or should I choose some other tools?

You know, given that you've got practically no experience with any existing toolkits, picking a different toolkit, a third or fourth one, isn't going to help you finish your project any quicker -- there will always be bumps you'll run into, whatever you pick, but they're surmountable

5. But, considering the dearth of support and examples (for displaying database tables in a neat GUI), should I abandon Perl and do the project in Python?

Yes, sure, go ahead, if perl isn't working for you, if perl isn't making your life easier, stop using perl,

On the plus side, you've got all these wxPython examples you've been trying to translate, if you do your project in python, you don't have to translate any examples

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