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Re: What book should I use for learning Perl?

by dragonchild (Archbishop)
on Aug 03, 2001 at 00:39 UTC ( #101785=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What book should I use for learning Perl?

Buy O'Reilly's book "Learning Perl on Win32". ActivePerl doesn't really make a distinction between WinNT and Win2000, as both are Win32 systems. Nearly all the modules written for Windows are Win32 modules, meant to be used on both Win2000 and WinNT, as well as Win98 and WinXP (I think).

Once you've mastered a few things, I'd purchase Programming Perl and Advanced Perl Programming, if you plan on programming Perl seriously. Otherwise, the first book is plenty.

Also, don't be afraid to ask any questions you have here. We don't bite (much). (I'd use Seekers of Perl Wisdom instead of Discussion. The latter is for discussion of PerlMonks itself.)

Good luck, and Welcome! :)

/me wants to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier!

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Re: What book should I use for learning Perl?
by Siddartha (Curate) on Aug 03, 2001 at 12:47 UTC
    If you are seriously looking into Perl, the Perl CD bookshelf is deffinitely something to look at.

    Version 1 of the CD Bookshelf includes Learning Perl on Win32, Perl in a Nutshell, Learning Perl, Programming Perl, Advanced Perl Programming and the Perl Cookbook. It also includes a hardcopy of Perl in a Nutshell.

    This is the only Perl resource I have (except for Perlmonks of course), and I still haven't gone through everything.

    The new version 2 edition includes: third edition of Programming Perl, Perl for System Administration Perl in a Nutshell, Perl Cookbook, and Advanced Perl Programming, along with a hardcopy of Perl in a Nutshell.

    If you specifically want Learning Perl on Win32, try to get version 1 somewhere.

    It is really easy to search for stuff on the CD (on Windows, Mac or Unix), with HTML interfaces to all the content.

    Hope this helps


      If you specifically want Learning Perl on Win32, try to get version 1 somewhere
      I think I would always go for the (new) 2nd version of the Bookshelf, first because it contains material describing perl 5.6 - and that's probably what you want to use in the future. Second I think the selection of books is better from a long term point of view.

      So if you specificaly want Learning Perl on Win32 then buy it (or have a look in your local library) and if you are serious about looking into Perl, then the bookshelf CD, version 2 is the way to go.

      -- Hofmator

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