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Odd, it seems worse to make a Votebot that would only -- rather than --++. When in reality, I think either would be just as bad. You're not reading the nodes...? They're being randomly picked. That actually gives a certain measure of error to XP. There's no point or feedback with them. Course, someone could create a votebot that would actually leave a comment.. that may help. ;)

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Re: Re: Votebots
by Boots111 (Hermit) on Aug 02, 2001 at 17:32 UTC
    There is a realy danger to having a votebot that leaves comments. Presumably the point of a votebot is to garner XP for its owner; however, if the votebot creates comments, these comments could be --ed. Thus a vote bot that comments must either be smart enough to say something worthwhile (which I imagine is somewhat difficult) or the owner of said bot would probably lose more XP then she gained.

    On the other hand if she were smart enough to write a votebot that leaves comments that get ++ed, she could probably write a bot that would pass the Turing Test, and a node about something that passes the Turing Test would be an XP goldmine...

      ... or even a node that attests to the goldmineness of such a hypothetical Turing node automagically writting itself by the (obviously recursive) code which can satisfy said Test =)

      p.s. Initiate Nail Removal Immediately!
      Speaking of Turing Tests, i once ran into a FAQ-bot that had me going for at least a few minutes on some IRC. I really couldn't tell if it was a terse, holyier than thou Admin type or a Bot. Anybody have the source code for one of those? I had it once but that computer died and took it's data with it. Thadius Dan, the dataDrone.