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I was thinking about offering my Cobalt Raq3i system as a hosting platform. My host really gouges my pocketbook if I go over my Bandwidth limit (10Gb), so I wrote to vroom to ask about traffic at His response is attached below.

My box has MySQL and mod_perl installed. I think I can run the Everything engine without too many problems.

I am still interested in offering my box as a hosting platform, if you are still looking for a home. My server has about 2 gigs of space available and will be sharing bandwidth with three other LOW traffic sites.

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Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 1:52 PM
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I'm honestly not sure about the bandwidth but I can research it. My guess is that would probably be sufficient for the first six months while the site gained an audience.
Is it your dedicated server? You'll need access to MySQL, Perl, and mod_Perl. We haven't had a lot of success running the Everything engine in a Windows environment.
I'd be up for helping you out if you think it's doable, I also know of some others who would probably volunteer to help. --Tim
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Subject: Bandwidth on perlmonks?

Hello, my name is Richard and I'm still a lowly acolyte on (id oakbox). On the chatbox today someone brought up setting up an everything engine for a perl monks equivalent aimed at C programmers. Even though there were several "What a good idea!" 's no one had a server where it could sit.
My question is, what do YOU think about this idea and how much bandwidth does perlmonks burn through in a month? I have a 10GB monthly limit on my server right now, would that handle the load? Thank you,

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A host is a host
by agent00013 (Pilgrim) on Aug 01, 2001 at 18:52 UTC
    Richard, Thank you for the offer. I'll definitely keep it in mind. What operating system were you planning on running it on? Perhaps, if possible, we could set up an initial site on your server and begin running things if you're able to get the Everything engine successfully loaded.

    I'm in the process of loading Everything on Red Hat 7.1 on my computer (having troubles though cause Win2k is power hungry and Red Hat isn't stealing the master boot record, blah). I think what I'd like to do is some of the initial testing and readying of the site on my machine and then procede to load it on the real host.