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Heh, I just had what might be a great idea on how to do the first sort.

It is trivial to do a two-item optimization in your sort comparison routine. This is "cheating" because you can end up telling sort that you want $a < $b and $b < $c but $c < $a. On old versions of Perl, that might even cause a core dump. I think it is actually documented as safe on modern Perl, however.

my @order = sort { $Costs[$a]+$Trims[$a]*$Costs[$b] <=> $Costs[$b]+$Trims[$b]*$Costs[ +$a] } 0..$#Costs; @Trims = @Trims[@order]; @Costs = @Costs[@order];

It is that simple. It worked reasonable well in a couple of test cases. It even found an optimal solution on the first try for my prior example above (but took too long to declare success, probably indicating a bug).

- tye