in reply to Repainting the Monastery


Well, I'm not very keen on the dark on dark title bar, but overall, his 're-design' looks pleasant on my eyes. The 'roundiness' looks good but I can't help feeling that it's a style flavour that's going to look like last year's suit before too long. But what do I know.

However, I have to take exception to his comments about the fonts being too small.

On my monitor the fonts are just right (unlike so many other websites). My 'gods' node doesn't display anywhere near the number of characters per line that his image shows as default. In fact my page font is even bigger than his revised 'large' font fix. So he's taken what appears (to me) to be a properly sized font, and increased it yet more, and then padded the sides of the page with yet more wasted white space. Now granted I'm not using the largest monitor in the world, but it's not the smallest either.

Is this what the web has come to? This website sucks because I can't read it on my jumbo monitor?