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by thelenm (Vicar)
on Jan 25, 2002 at 04:08 UTC ( [id://141380]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The short version: Male, Salt Lake City, Utah, 32, happily married with an adorable little girl and a bouncing baby boy. I'm originally from Michigan, and am a big Michigan football fan. Graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, got an M.S. a few years later from the University of Utah.

Nowadays I spend my time with my family, and as much time as I can hacking away on personal projects. I spend a fair amount of my free time hacking on Zyzzyva, a program I am writing to help myself study Scrabble words. I spend a fair amount of time playing in Scrabble tournaments and at the Utah Scrabble Club.

These days I'm trying to use Ruby where I would normally use Perl. But I haven't done enough programming with it to get used to it yet, and I find myself using Perl anyway. Heard this funny quote from someone on Slashdot the other day:

Perl is like my ex-girlfriend... I used to be all over her^H^H^Hit but am now fawning over the knockout redhead Ruby. Unfortunately, I had several children with my ex that still need to be cared for -- feature improvements, bugfixes, restarts. Hopefully one day they'll grow up and leave the house so Ruby can have me all to herself.

I like to participate in the lighter side of programming, so whenever I have time I take part in Perl golf, or write the occasional JAPH. My all-time favorite JAPH is here: Just another JAPH.

Wanna read stuff by me? Check out my LiveJournal or my blog. Or follow me on Twitter.

Here are links to my homepage, my wife's homepage, and my daughter's homepage.

I use OpenPGP and here is my public key.

Behold the Big XP Baby button! Never fear, XP babies, it doesn't actually affect your XP.

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