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by root (Monk)
on Oct 13, 1999 at 03:52 UTC ( #821=perlman: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Current Perl documentation can be found at

Here is our local, out-dated (pre-5.6) version:

This section is surprisingly small because the rest of the FAQ is littered with answers involving regular expressions. For example, decoding a URL and checking whether something is a number are handled with regular expressions, but those answers are found elsewhere in this document (in the section on Data and the Networking one on networking, to be precise).

How can I hope to use regular expressions without creating illegible and unmaintainable code?
I'm having trouble matching over more than one line. What's wrong?
How can I pull out lines between two patterns that are themselves on different lines?
I put a regular expression into $/ but it didn't work. What's wrong?
How do I substitute case insensitively on the LHS, but preserving case on the RHS?
How can I make <CODE>\w</CODE> match national character sets?
[How can I match a locale-smart version of /a-zA-Z/?]
How can I quote a variable to use in a regexp?
What is <CODE>/o</CODE> really for?
How do I use a regular expression to strip C style comments from a file?
Can I use Perl regular expressions to match balanced text?
What does it mean that regexps are greedy? How can I get around it?
How do I process each word on each line?
How can I print out a word-frequency or line-frequency summary?
How can I do approximate matching?
How do I efficiently match many regular expressions at once?
Why don't word-boundary searches with <CODE>\b</CODE> work for me?
Why does using $&, $`, or $' slow my program down?
What good is <CODE>\G</CODE> in a regular expression?
Are Perl regexps DFAs or NFAs? Are they POSIX compliant?
What's wrong with using grep or map in a void context?
How can I match strings with multibyte characters?
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