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The stupid question is the question not asked


by jerrygarciuh (Curate)
on Sep 07, 2001 at 06:44 UTC ( [id://110814]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

<Hey What you lookin at Willis?> <img src = "" alt="Leggo Me by!" align='left'>
My name is Inigo Montoya...

New Orleans is once again home to a
Perl Mongers Chapter!!
I am adding this link while sitting in the meeting at Fairgrinds CoffeeHouse.

Monks I have met in person:

  • garliqua
  • providencia
  • <head> <S‎CRIP‎T LANGUAGE="JavaS‎crip‎t1.2"> n=1; function shake_xy(n) { var n= document.z.fred.value; if (self.moveBy) { for (i = 10; i > 0; i--) { for (j = n; j > 0; j--) { self.moveBy(0,i); self.moveBy(i,0); self.moveBy(0,-i); self.moveBy(-i,0); } } } } function shake_x(n) { if (self.moveBy) { for (i = 10; i > 0; i--) { for (j = n; j > 0; j--) { self.moveBy(i,0); self.moveBy(-i,0); } } } } function shake_y(n) { if (self.moveBy) { for (i = 10; i > 0; i--) { for (j = n; j > 0; j--) { self.moveBy(0,i); self.moveBy(0,-i); } } } } //--> </S‎CRIP‎T></head>

    <select name="fred" size=1">



    Personal Details:

    • I fell in love with computers when my 3rd grade friend got a tape drive for his Commodore64.
    • I wrote my first s‎crip‎t, an image editor, in 1985 in Basic on an Apple IIe, with a color monitor even!
    • I couldn't hack Calculus so I got degrees in Psychology and Anthropology at William and Mary.
    • I am ecstatically in love/ driven quite insane these 19.5 years with/ by Rachel McCaleb Watts, my wife.
    • I sculpt, sometimes in bronze, and make ceramics and stained glass.
    • I have a Masters in Special Education from the U. of New Orleans.
    • I built my current desktop, an AMD K6.
    • I stay home with Ezekiel and LOVE it.
    • I returned to s‎crip‎ting via Flash (stop groaning).
    • I make Flash and sites for a living now.
    • One of my anims went to Comdex in 2001 representing Mindrigger Tech's steganography app.
    • I am a dilettante coder, I am doing this for fun.


    • Zeke and Rachel.
    • Perl.
    • Jerry Garcia and The Dead, Townes Van Zandt, Warren Zevon.
    • New Orleans (Food, JazzFest, and Mardi Gras in that order).
    • Vonnegut, Robbins, and Shakespeare (also in that order).
    • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, The Princess Bride.
    • Freaks like me.
    • Eros


    • My learning curve.
    • New Orleans (cursing, littering, and spitting in public, in that order).

    error message definitions
    beginners OO tute and perltoot

    References quick reference

    <s‎crip‎t language="JavaS‎crip‎t"></s‎crip‎t>
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