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by jbrugger (Parson)
on Dec 29, 2004 at 15:00 UTC ( [id://417993]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Back as Perl developer for Tevreden, where i develop on a program called evaluation.

The homenode image you see, is kindly provided by the dragon of this site.
I didn't know that a dragon could be so nice! Thanks eater of human sandwiches, i'm honored! :)

On this moment i'm getting more into UML's (in this case User Mode Linux) and try to improve my structured programming methods. Yes, even an oo program can be unstructured as well ;-)

Also feel free to look at my scratchpad as well, make comments (use the message box) or use (and IMPROVE !) the code. :-)
He, i have to learn as well you know...

Some personnal stuff:

my favorite OS: Linux
my favorite Distro: Debian and Slackware... Oh and Xebian
my favorite language: Perl
my favorite editor: vi and the E-P-I-C plugin for Eclipse... using KDevelop now...
Hmm, our workstations have to be windows now...
... Oké then...
Now using Vim on XP and Cygwin for a bit of a linux like feeling :-)
The desktop i use most of the time: KDE 3.4Windows XP
my favorite hobby: Programming, reading and playing with computers.
my favorite author: Frank Herbert especially for the Dune serie he wrote.
my favorite color: Any color you like
my favorite music: Guess by the color i like :)

Oh... By the way, i'm married and i have 2 kids...

My 'one-liner':

perl -le 'my $c=$^X . " -le \" sub a{(\\\$a)=\@_;\\\$a=~tr/A-Za-z/N-ZA +-Mn-za-m/;\\\$a;} my \@f=\(\\\"unpxre\\\",\\\"whfg\\\",\\\"nabgure\\\ +",\\\"crey\\\"\);print ucfirst(a(\\\$f[1]).\\\" \\\".a(\\\$f[2]).\\\" + \\\".a(\\\$f[3]).\\\" \\\".a(\\\$f[0]));\"";do{eval(exec($c))};
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