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by idnopheq (Chaplain)
on Mar 11, 2001 at 02:49 UTC ( [id://63535]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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idnopheq tries this again!

Hey, kids!

I've been off supervising those who do fun things (like coding).

Apparently, I did a good job. Everyone who worked for me is now reassigned. I have been told I can do it now all basically by myself. One might think a supervisor who successfully implements a major project slightly late (due IMNSHO to scope creep) yet under budget would move on to a new project.

However, when you're in an organization where there is a ratio of one supervisor/manager to .75 grunts you shouldn't take it personally, or so they say ...

Anywho, I'm looking once again to perl to help compensate for a lack of staff. And its just damn fun!

idnopheq lied

I wasn't back. Horrible of me, yes? Maybe now? We shall see.

It is extremely sad when I last posted (I think) in 2K+1 (being 2K-almost-4) now.

idnopheq is back, with a vengence ... soon!

I've been largely gone for some time. Work and family ruled many a day and/or moon. But my work responsibilities continue to shift toward some ~lovely~ perl-ness, so maybe I'll have some perl postings at the top of my reputation list again before long!

Such items will mostly do with the areas I'm working on w/ the grand employer (w/o legal entanglements ... no intellectual property, only non-compete) ... CheckPoint FireWall-1, Nokia VPN (tho short lived), Entrust, iPlanet LDAP, DNS, DHCP, RSA, and some other things as yet to be defined.

As always, share and enjoy ... under the same terms as perl itself.

The SSSCA, Microsoft's answer to anti-trust?

Oracle boss urges national ID cards, offers free software

idnopheq always thought Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison was a weenie ...
<virtualsue> Oh he'd love to be an Oscar Meyer Weenie
<tye> o/~ oh, my weenie has a first name; it's L-a-r-r-y. My weenie has a second name it's something hard to spell. Oh, I love to cheat him every day and if you ask me why I'll say "cuz Oracle cost way too much and I just don't think that I should pay" o/~
<idnopheq> de tum! de tum! de tum!
<jwest> tye++; # especially for the "it's something hard to spell" bit *hehe*
<virtualsue> hehe
idnopheq slathers the weenie w/ Velveta and chili, and slaps some Fritos on the side .... DELISH! ... humming all the while ...
<tye> (any resemblance to actual software "pirate" activities is purely coincidental, subject to credit approval, void where prohibited)

Custom Random Node
My posts

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idnopheq at (some stuff's dere, no doubt)!

idnopheq's Package Repository and module information

With some help from wog and bikeNomad, Compress::Bzip2 seems to have finally compiled for Win32. You can get it from

ActiveState perl 5.6.1 users can get it via PPM thusly:

ppm install --location= Compress-Bzip2

I've been populating my package repository with other people's modules, things I could not find on other package repositories. None of them are my creation. Check the ppd file for author details and credits. Of course these have no warranty either explicit or implied. For items not listed on CPAN I attempt to acquire permission before adding. If you authored a module that you wish me to remove, please email me at idnopheq at YMMV.

Here is a list of some PPM repositories:
ActiveState Package Repository:

To use them, enter PPM and for each type:
set repository identifier URL

where identifier is some label you provide and URL is the URL to the site's *.ppd files, i.e. set repository idnopheq

Then do a set save to save them permanently ...

And, if you are an ActiveState ActivePerl user on a Win32 box and need a module that you cannot build, /msg me about it and maybe I can do it. I'm still working out the conversion of a *nix makefile to a VC++ makefile, so if a module relies on an external executable it will likely take me a while to build ( rsync is my current project ).

Lastly, I'm working on Win32::Streams ( or Win32::NTFS::Streams ). If anyone wishes to help, /msg me or email me.

The Entemology (sic) of idnopheq

There is none ... totally made up while on a Cola high in college ... seemed like a good idea at the time ...

Thought for a While

I regard "ideology" and "morality" as the two most dangerous forces on this planet. About "ideology" I have expressed my suspicions elsewhere; here I will only mention John Adams's verdict that shortening "ideology" to "idiocy" would save some space and add a great deal to clarity. He had the French Revolution in mind, but "ideologists" haven't changed much since then, have they?

As for "morality" -- or "moralic acid" as Nietzsche called it -- I consider it the major cause of almost all the major atrocities not caused by "ideology." This wonderful invention, "morality," allows people -- normal, ordinary people -- to do things so cruel and violent that they could never bring themselves to do them for selfish reasons. What the sociopath and sadist do for fun, the "moralist" does on behalf of "duty" or "justice."


My vision of Utopia would include a hell of a lot more kindness and mercy than we have now, and a hell of a lot less "morality.'

- Robert Anton Wilson

YMMV My mileage includes dirty sweat-socks on a naughahide couch.

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