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by hippo (Archbishop)
on Feb 01, 2011 at 15:37 UTC ( [id://885521]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hippo's Law of Perl

If you are shelling out from Perl to use grep/sed/awk then you don't understand Perl.

Examples: OUTPUT Data to a table or horizontal bar chart, doughnut charts with gd:graph, system commands/shell and perl variables., sed in perl

Modules I should investigate

Interesting Nodes

See also the explanation of "missing" core modules in CentOS/RHEL.

How not to ask a question

There is plenty of excellent advice freely available for How (Not) To Ask A Question. Still we see shining examples of the art as selected here:

Note that any question whose entire explanation of the problem is a variation of "It doesn't work" will be downvoted by me as being really rather useless.

Split personalities

The monastery welcomes those with difficult mental conditions including our clearly troubled brother finddata/perlanswers/test1234/gpssana/chellasama/gopikavi. We hope he makes a full and swift recovery and learns the value of an SSCCE.


Think back to when you were 6 or 7 and you may have received a set of coloured pens/pencils/crayons/chalks as a gift. On first opening you try all of them as is natural. Over time you realise that your works of art benefit from slightly more restricted palettes such that nuance is introduced and composition skill allows the subject of the work to shine through. But some kids never get past the all-the-colours-all-the-time stage. Even today. Don't be like them. Choose nuance.


There is an operating system so tortuously bad that I refuse point blank to have anything to do with it. Can you guess which one it is? Here is a new list (as at 2018) of just a very small selection of reasons to avoid this monstrosity.

Shake it off!

♫ The trolls are gonna troll, troll, troll, troll, troll
♫ And your eyes are gonna roll, roll, roll, roll, roll
♫ But I'm just gonna vote, vote, vote, vote, vote
♫ Vote 'em down, vote 'em down!

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