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by growlf (Pilgrim)
on Sep 19, 2000 at 20:37 UTC ( [id://33122]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

< shakes the dust off his log in keys > Uh, ahem. wow... been a while. Guess I better read a bit and catchup.

My Favorite Nodes:                   (last updated 2001/12/02)
  • Home Nodes of Interesting people/ideas - (until you have time to look through ALL the Monk's home nodes, these are some of the best and from the best)
    • Kudra's home node. Longtime friend, and a major babe. Totally breaks the mold of us programmer types being geeks. Gives me hope that I can be cool like her some day *grin*
    • Footpad's home node. My brother. .. an awesome dude, a bastion of reason, and an all around swell guy.  As one of his favorite authors states of Zaphod, "He is just this guy, you know?"
    • Scott's home node. I like his apparent ideals
    • Ovid's home node. Good stuff to look through and (from what Kudra has said of him) a swell guy.
    • Petruchio's home node. Good natured fellow with quite the sense of humor. He is quick and liberal with good answers too.
    • ybiC's home node. Friendly guy with lots of links and good help for questions.
    • Zaxo's home node. Hey - just read all his posts, ok?  One of the most friendly and helpful monks so far.
    • pjf's home node. Friendly, helpful and funny. Also lives in Australia - (that gets 10 points all by it's self in my book.)
    • BooK's home node.  Obfu master!  He wrote the YAPC shirt code too.  If I keep studying his and Zaxo's code I may YET understand Perl's obfu capabilities.
    • turnstep's home node.  Hey, my list of cool nodes is NOTHING!  Ya gotta check his node for all the nifty areas of the Monestary,
  • Rants and Idea(l)s
    • A fit on NIH - Not only is it posted by my big brother, but also is my personal views. Sure I look at the module code as well - but his points are the very ones I use when discussing with a client the benifits of even using perl to begin with.
    • Boycott Windows XP (gleaned from demerphq's pages) And there are many other reasons as well. I'll post more as I find good documentation on them. Mainly security failures in MS's policies within the products.
    • Chip (on the shoulder) Monks - Thanks Ovid! I could never have said it this well!  This should be the first thing new members see, in my book - just to help set the pace.
    • Name Space - ...and this should become the second link for new members *grin* (though I still need to do my own..)
  • Humor
    • Chickens - by pjf - just read the thread.
  • PM Tools & Reference
    • Java Chatterbox - way better than the node on the side, and it updates automatically.
    •  framechat - Another terrific Monk-chat client.  A toss up which is better.
    • Best Nodes - Thanks pjf for the tip on this one.
    • Worst Nodes  - I am still not sure I want to fully support this one.  Somehow I think it perpetuates the garbage I detest so much.  If you agree, /msg me.
    • Links - explanations and examples on how to do them in posts.
    • Super Search - What a search oughta be! 

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