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by gaal (Parson)
on Jun 21, 2004 at 13:48 UTC ( [id://368438]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Run Perl 6 today!
Debian users:    apt-get install pugs pugs-doc
Windows users:    get a binary

Threads I learned from
To use a module...or not. [and later, Re^7: which perl gui toolkit to use?] explained
Catching errors in closing lexical filehandles
ref == "REF"

Ponder This: the worm-eaten page

Software handyman and handywoman
Cross-platform development: editors (and a node on Eclipse 3 + EPIC 0.3.9 in particular)
Need to alias a Very::Long::Package::Name? Use this technique, which offers lexical scoping and other benefits and which entails no slowdown.
Test driven development with Perl and vim

Perl quirks, gotchas, and traps
Line numbers of elsif in the debugger: [ 1 | 2 ]
Keep your parens on
$_ Gotcha (offsite); interesting discussion in reply to this node
Perl oddities # Which is intriguing if only for the responses showing how many things Perl 6 fixes

Silly stuff
Philosophers have always wanted to know: p, or ~p? Now you can tell. (offsite)
Adding insult to injury. (offsite)
The real Perl Porter. (offsite)
Duff's Device in Perl

Moose to all the monks I've met!
/msg me if this should be updated:
adamk, *allison, audreyt, avva, bsb, chip, chmrr, chromatic, cog, diotalevi, Dominus, dragonchild, ingy, jkeenan1, kudra, *kolibrie, nothingmuch, marcus, merlyn, miyagawa, mvc, nobull, *obra, particle, petdance, pmichaud, schwern, stvn, szabgab, TheDamain, TimToady, xdg, xngurevar

I started a Perl Mongers group once, but have since passed the baton to nimbler hands.

perl -le 'print "Just another \u$^X hacker,"'
pugs -e 'say "Just another Pugs hacker,"'

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