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by elbie (Curate)
on Feb 26, 2001 at 19:47 UTC ( [id://60869]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My NetHack code (Yay! I ascended! (Again!)):

NH 3.3.1L(Am) D Elbie-elf-wiz HP:50 Pw:60 AC:-10 L:6
  [++ )+ P S++ D+ p $ t+ s++ W++(---) E? PS PP G
  C I++ @W* N++ b- B- Y+ X So++ Sp+++ !sb !wb-

  A FreezerBurn-dwa-val HP:361 Pw:50ish AC:-26 L:21
  [++ )+++ P S+ D+ p $- t+ s+ W++ E-() PS PP++ G+
  C+ I++ @W*(6) N++ b- B Y- X+ So++ Sp+++ !sb !wb- +1

NH 3.4.0L A SysTray-Wiz-Elf-Fem-Cha HP:238(268) Pw:350ish AC:-28 T:59667
   [++ )++ P S D+ p-- $- t+ s++ W+++ E PS PP++ G C- I++
   @W(5) N+ b-- B Y- X+ So++ Sp+++ !sb !wb-- +2

I used to be an avid Amiga user. I started having some hardware problems with it about four or five years ago, and it's no longer useable. I miss it a lot though.

In case you're wondering where the nick/handle Elbie came from: it's the end result of an evolving nick. I got tired of everyone fighting over l33t handles on irc and started using LittleBoy. Unfortunately, after a while, it also seemed to be taken frequently by others (although IIRC, irc truncated nicks, so maybe the other guy was LittleBodacious or something bizarre). I tried just LB for a while, which was easier to type, but even less available. So I started spelling it out phonetically. Hence El-bie.

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