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by da (Friar)
on May 11, 2001 at 11:51 UTC ( [id://79656]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here's a link to my homepage, which is also found at

Perl user since version 4; trying to find a good balance between work and play using perl.

<img src="" width=216 height=103>

Better late than never, here are pictures from YAPC 2002, in St. Louis. See the knife-wielding Australian! See Pudge multitask, twice, once with a baby and once with a guitar! See me photograph R. Spier as he audio-records us, while gnat video-records me, and later R. Spier completes the cycle by impersonating gnat in a well-received talk (not meant for young ears).

YAPC 2001, Montréal, Quebec.

Front row: chipmunk, andreychek, cogent, mrmick, jlawrenc, myself
Second row: rrwo, Erudil, japhy, nate, sacked, clscott

Thanks to andreychek, chipmunk, mrmick, and clscott for filling in names.

andreychek has told me that mirod was missing from the photo, as he was the one who gave the XML talk that was about to happen when this picture was taken. His picture can be seen on erudil's node. Mirod is in the back-right of the monkland truck picture.

<img src=>

Here are a few more neat people standing in front of a neat city.

<img src=>

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