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by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on May 05, 2000 at 02:49 UTC ( [id://10277]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

R.I.P. Johnny Cash 1932-2003

Looking for my ppm repository? go to || and be sure to read.

As per Re: Return of the Confessional, now that I have reached 10,000xp I will only be logging in as me to do my pmdev,qandaeditors duties, nothing more (short of maybe replying to any replies that crop up to my old post, which i'm not sure i'll do).


Abiword's PayPal Donation Fund Robbed

<img border=3 src=>

I'm really becoming fond of saying please read site how to, (OBE) The Perl Monks FAQ, What makes a bad question?, Before You Post ..., How (Not) To Ask A Question, How to RTFM, and How to ask questions the smart way
[id://9953] [id://17316] [id://120486] [id://20443] [id://172086] [id://78752] [|How to ask questions the smart way]

You wanna write your own pod translator, you should only use Pod::Tree and only need Pod::Tree dump for the stealing, even if you choose to simply walk the tree (or maybe Pod::Simple, which is shaping up to be quite nice).

I keep looking this up perl -MActivePerl::DocTools -e ActivePerl::DocTools::WriteTOC();

From the amtrak station to the IHOP in 2 miles

Here is *my* CNTD %S&#91;%N&#93;%T
B-b-b-b-bad, B-b-b-b-bad, B-b-b-b-bad, bad to the bone

  |    _|_   /\  _  _ |_|_  _ _  |__)_ _|     |__| _  _|  _ _ 
__)|_|_)|_  /--\| )(_)|_| )(-|   |  (-| |  \)/|  |(_|(_|((-|
created with ASCII Generator(font:straight)
.--- ..- ... - .- -. --- - .... . .-. .--. . .-. .-.. .-- .... .- -.-. -.- . .-.
.-- .... --- --. --- - .- .--- --- -... -.. --- .. -. --. .--- .- ...- .- ..--..

Are you a sadist?

Hi There NoS‎crip‎tMonk </NOS‎CRIP‎T> wanna
<input type="hidden" name="message" value="/me pours some petral on the c/b">

Crazy's Thought Of The Day
SCSI Bus Reset Update ~ found it by accident, seems like the cure for what's ailing me

Sat Jul 6 11:09:01 2002 ~ Installing linux again, and so far, I absolutely despize Debian (piece of shit). Its worse to configure than RedHat. I'm falling in love with Mandrake (and i'm talking as a "desktop" system).

Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
man this cd kicks ass!!!!

Say what? ~ I have come to the conclusion that there is waaay too many people who cannot comprehend simple english. So from now on I will cease to clarify myself, so stop asking (I can only simplify things so much: fire bad, beer good.)

The only book I ever endorsed is Computer Networks and Internets.

I have become aware through my stumblings about the internet, a growing trend: people create download mirrors, and mangle the url to hide that fact from you, stopping you from using the oh so familiar save-as feature ... i'm not opposed to mirrors, but why make the damn url look like a direct link????? damn idiots!! And what's more, more and more big sites like are beginning to suck

Some time passsed, and I met merlyn, dws, and the wallrus ;)(btw - now I use AbiWord exclusively)

I wen't to a usenix BoF on Thursday Nov 08 2001, met Vynce and blakem.

On October 31, 2001, All Hallows Eve, at 7:30am sharp, I will officially become became an American Citizen (btw - one with wheels ;D).
US Naturalization Test (Monday, September 17, 2001) I passed - however, the INS still has to do a background check on me (again). I also learned that even though I am registered for selective service, if the US goes to war, and there is a draft, all "new" citizens since August, 2001, would be the 1st group to be put through the draft lotto. That is kinda serious.

August 20, 2001

San Jose, CA 95###


Dear Mr. ############ (me)

This letter is in regards to the auto accident you were involved in on May 11, 2001. After completion of our investigation we have found that Melinda ############ was at fault for the accident on May 11, 2001. ... pursuing a claim ... ;DDDDD

megalomaniac - The Perl Compiler (turning perl s‎crip‎ts into binary executables)
btrott - author of the KICKASS!!!! Net::SSH::Perl

' '
'# file://closure.vbs '# my first vb s‎crip‎t %^O(stripped of Sub) poruka = "Pray to go, then learn perl." titula = "How do I create closures in VB?" MsgBox poruka, vbInformation, titula '

my dsl news - never to be updated again (no dsl)

Exegesis 2 - (design things to be in perl 6, thanks ar0n)
A lill sometin sometin to get your lips wet
Here's a handy conversion table: Access through... Perl 5 Perl 6 ================= ====== ====== Scalar variable $foo $foo Array variable $foo[$n] @foo[$n] Hash variable $foo{$k} %foo{$k} Array reference $foo->[$n] $foo[$n] (or $foo.[$n] +) Hash reference $foo->{$k} $foo{$k} (or $foo.{$k} +) Code reference $foo->(@a) $foo(@a) (or $foo.(@a) +) Array slice @foo[@ns] @foo[@ns] Hash slice @foo{@ks} %foo{@ks} print $x; # $x evaluates to scalar print $y[1]; # $y[1] evaluates to scalar print $z{a}; # $z{a} evaluates to scalar print $yref->[1]; # $yref->[1] evaluates to scal +ar print $zref->{a}; # $zref->{a} evaluates to scal +ar print @y; # @y evaluates to list print @y[2,3]; # @y[2,3] evaluates to list print @z{'b','c'}; # @z{'b','c'} evaluates to lis +t print @{$yref}[2,3]; # @{$yref}[2,3] evaluates to l +ist print @{$zref}{'b','c'}; # @{zyref}{'b','c'} evaluates +to list print %z; # %z evaluates to hash

a note to all friars+
look before you approve, save us alotof STUPID considerations
a call to arms

Heed the call. Arm yourselves with thought, passion and compassion, and most importantly patience, for it gives you time to reflect. Go ahead, be a better person, be a good person, I dare ya.

The Rape of Nanking
Censorship of an 8 year olds science fair experiment.
Beware - improper context usage can be considered criminal activity!
Stay aware of security
Fukk Win*, I'm switching to *nix full-time.
PerlMonks and Google
Microsoft and the U.S. School System

good guys can win
article - the good guy
:-( )-:-( )-:-( )-: | a patch (sounds like rsync to me)

be afraid
Bin Laden uses the web
software pirates beware
Open up, it's the I.A.B.
Open up, we're stupid liars(RIAA | use this)!
Beware - improper context usage can be considered criminal activity!
What everybody should know
use CGI; # save yourself from torture
Watch out for popular, at least among monks, culture references.
It's the Latency, Stupid
Sex tips for 'geeks'
Suffering from Buffering?
Good Idea: Use sockets.
Bad Idea: A Dynamic Data-display System Using CGI and Server Push
even more good stuff
fling | Softcraft | smogalert | how stuff works(1) | underdogs | nitallica | eidola | advogato | healing plastic | alpine | WFTW | nano assembly | science daily | Janes World | 21-3-61 | KDE + Java | over-clock | LINE is NOT an emulator | | FightLinux | SMT | LEON(#) | KungFu | Bulding Big sites on a Budget | 1TB in A Cubic Centimeter? | KRAS odlican keks/cokolada | Deciphering Windows Product Activation | MySQL Gets Perl Stored Procedures
site related
outside links as maintained by neophyte I just love her             homenode pic.

Back just for the heck of it, a list of monks I like:
davorg - "The first rule of Perl club is you don't talk about Perl club." -- I'd have a beer with him

btrott - author of the KICKASS!!!! Net::SSH::Perl

Erudil - you better believe it,he is real.

chromatic - feed the fire, have a jellybean

ar0n - no more dexter, but he's still cool.

epoptai - good guy, former longhair, maker of MTV.

Petruchio - yeah he's kind of old, but he's got carrots =;0)

damian1301 - often i ask myself: "What made him say that? Could it be, SATAN?"
perl -e "print 'Damian ', 13>>01, 13>>0>>1, 13>>1"
meonkeys - good stuff

KM - I wonder why(*hint*hint*) I like him so much(my 1st perl teacher)

tye - got stamps?

mdillon - StringTokenizer - chomp trim it's all good.

boo_radley - i knew he'd end up here(thanx 4 dis)

Beatnik - Hariette, oh Hariette...

cow - moo

Malkavian - good quote(Demented/deluded 4 ever)

BooK - everybody needs one, bottoms up <A HREF="/">%-)

Mad Joker Dominus

davorg - The greatest perl munger that ever lived (his personal and corporate web sites)

lemming - I just think that monks who quote pod are damn sexy (you can be one too)


I too have a quotes section
jcwren: Sue, shut up. You're getting annoying.
jcwren: Actually, you *are* annoying.

AgentM has never met a crazier insomniac.
<a> night all, sleep tye-ght, don't let crazyinsomniac bite
<epoptai> he likes to dive into empty swimming pools =)
<epoptai> says yea it doesn't properly sort negative reps, hehe, but that's a feature!
Petruchio concurrs... since, of course, it takes brains to be braindead. :-)
lzcd(Re: cookies) In life, one discovers a sort of person that, when about to be murdered in a rather slow, painful and quite disgusting manner by a raving launatic, is likely to ask "Excuse me. Do you like Carob?".
<KM>Hire pixel gnomes to look at all the images.
<tilly> ... and it is more flexbile.
Petruchio says I have certain standards to uphold... if I don't work hard with the time I've got, I might wind up having to hand in readable code. ;-)
<AgentM> crazyinsomniac: ...just four painted, dancing homosexuals?
<Sherlock> i spotted this in Ovid's latest node: Don't reuse bad does the saying go..."Don't polish a turd" ;)

A list of my nodes that i like:
Good Advice((crazyinsomniac) !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&&*!@#$%^&*)
in thread(this is a real perl program!)
in thread(File upload progress?)
$cash is like
Binomial Expansion

and others nodes that i like, or just plain piss me off
Why our company doesn't use Perl :(
Pi calculator
(how work?) Re: 7 lines of Magic
download part of remote files- a perfectly good question, met by ignorance.
What the heck does this mean?
Counting number of characters in a string
Perltail - and one of the greats has a quart of cgi-gin %-) Load file into a scalar without File::Slurp
Strung Out -by- MeowChow(Tiger Woods) - pure evil genious
New!Mommy, what does $this mean?

Things I found in college(see it is good for something)
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses
Keep Watching The Skies


My new, new sig:

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
perl -e "$q=$_;map({chr unpack qq;H*;,$_}split(q;;,q*H*));print;$q/$q;"

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone,
but they've always worked for me.
               -- Hunter S. Thompson

"I reset my mind via sex. No frills. No hang-ups.
No complications. Very possibly the way it should be."
- natacha merritt  
Banf and only Banf (the Math section)
Help, help, i fell off the list!)
If you're ever in need of a suite at a fully booked hotel, just ask the clerk this:

you: "Well if the president of *insert country here* showed up you'd find him a room."

clerk: "Well ofcourse, he's the president."

you: "And, is the president here today?"

clerk: "No sir, he is not."

you: "Well then give me his room ;)"

March 18, 2001, around midnight
<busunsl> morning all
<sachmet> more like evening for some of us yet
<sachmet> depends if you've slept or not
crazyinsomniac night y'all(it's a greeting, since that's what localtime is here)
<Jouke> ok. goodpart-of-your-d ay then ;-)
epoptai reinvents a wheel
sachmet gasps
<sachmet> merlyn will certainly yell at you!
crazyinsomniac trips over epoptais wheel. That corner really threw me for a loop ;-)
<epoptai> that's ok, eventually i'll be a wheelmaker too =)

<IMG SRC="">

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don't blame me for this idea, it's [ar0n]'s fault!

And now, a list of companies everyone should boycot - for having an illegal patent, read more here

The Hershey Foods Company - for using child labor

The Craft Family of Companies- for using child labor

Nike- for using child labor


thanks redmist,,
Damn, I still always confuse davorg with mirod when remembering things mirod says I think it was called the perlmonks threaded interface or something, but it was a CGI thingie, so even if you used it the s‎crip‎t was on my machine. I tried using Google but I can't find it I'll try to rewrite it
mirod says no, I have lost everything in the crash (and I feel so dumb for it :--( I could try rewriting it though, I am away from home and I have a little time locked in my hotel room this week

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