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Think about Loose Coupling


by coreolyn (Parson)
on Feb 15, 2000 at 23:26 UTC ( [id://3537]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Picture courtesy of Elfwood Galleries. Artist Brian Hudson

Basic summary of who I am in under 30 secs of audio(.au).

Perlmonk goodies Yada, Yada, Yada Geek Details

Favorite Nodes and other Monk goodies:
    1.) Perlmonk gods I've either learned the most from or that make me feel the dumbest fastest. In no particular order:

      vroom -- Gracious god and host of everything perlmonk.
      chromatic -- Not only precise but he also makes a really cool Object Web Server
      tilly -- Grand protector of proper perl detail
      merlyn -- A wizard of copious productivity and insightful analysis. While this is my favorite node of his, I advise any new monks to soak up damn near everything the man writes (books, articles, or posts). Even in posts where you may not understand or agree with there's ususally a few things I pick up on out of them.
      Ovid -- Exceeds in clarity of explanations (for me anyway).
      tye -- Posts stuff that can overheat your brain oil, but definately provide a worthwhile work out for the brain cells.
      I0 -- Unbelievably terse and to the point, I0 seldom minces words and goes straight to the problems jugular.

      ftforger Hasn't done much here yet, but gets the credit to openning my eye's to Perl and being the only one I know that can handle my 'off-line' ranting and still laugh kindly.

      Of course there's many many more, and this dosn't even include the vast majority of users that just plain make the site not only helpfull but fun, but I've already chewed too much time putting this list together, besides, any one of these homenodes will send you on a journey that's of far more value than this one.
    2.) If you want a more perlesque tour of the site I suggest this node.
    3.) Of my own posts: While this one and that one have garnished me the most XP's, I probably share more of my experience in this one and knowlege in that one.

--- Caution!! Boring Personal Details (i.e., yada, yada, yada) ---

    <img src="" target='_blank' width="133" height="200" alt="TMTOWTDOI">
    Click my pic to see what I'm working so diligently on.

    Creativity is the key to fullfillment for me. From music to fantasy stories to art It is the process of creation is what excites and motivates me. (According to the imp in my brain anyway.) In fact my nick comes from a fantasy novel that I never seem to have time to develop.

    I hail from Milwaukee Wisconsin. My first hacks were back in '78 on a time share system via a Western Union teletype with paper tape, and sees her IT career as a massive quest to find the perfect fantasy novel writers tool, and more often as than not, as the ultimate writers block.

    While I do qualify as an expirienced antique in the industry, I make no claim to be a guru about anything. I only claim that I've survived for a couple of decades. I know just enough about a little bit of everything to be dangerous, So, when reading my posts realize my direction may be true but my details may lack in absolute correctness. At this point when I post an answer to a question I'm usually trolling to figure out what's wrong with my own answer :)

Geek Details: Yes I AM a geek & a happy one at that!;)
    My stats from jcwren's monk stat page.

    Version: 3.1
    GO/! !d(x)$@ s+: a+ C++++ ULHS++++$ P+++$ L++ E--- W+++ N+ w--- O M-- V
    PS+ PE Y PGP- t+ 5 X- R+++ tv+ b++ DI++ D- G- e* h---- r+++ z+++(**)

    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

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