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by cat2014 (Monk)
on Dec 19, 2000 at 02:42 UTC ( [id://47277]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

And here's my list of things to help debug your perl s‎crip‎ts:

  • always use -w
  • always run with use strict
  • Data::Dumper is your friend if you think that what's getting stored in your variables is not what you expect it to be. stick a print Dumper($variable); before and after the point where you think that your problem is.
  • if you think that the flow of your program is messed up, use the perl debugger: perl -d
  • try typing up an email to explain the problem to a friend. a lot of time, in the process of typing out an explanation, you'll find an assumption that you were making is incorrect

what do you call the plural of a perlmonk? here's a list from the CB the other night:

  • a .. of monks
  • a LoL of monks
  • a hash of monks
  • a glob of monks
  • a pod of perlmonks
  • a hack of monks
  • a funk of monks
  • a package of monks
  • a pack of perlmonks
  • a gaggle of perlmonks
  • a conflict of monks
  • a flock of monks
  • school o' monks
  • module of monks
  • a Pack of JAPH's
  • an array of perlmonks
(with thanks to chipmunk, ichimunki, ybiC, boo_radley, tilly, Petruchio, Trinary, & merlyn, a, crazyinsomniac)

(/msg me with complaints or additions to the list)

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