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Useful homenodes

by cog (Parson)
on Apr 05, 2005 at 11:16 UTC ( [id://444931]=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Dear monks,

Rearranging my homenode, I now included the following in it:

Homenodes with useful information:

  • Dru
  • this is what you should read before starting posting things
  • grinder
  • Perl Monks Survival Guide
  • blakem
  • Fastest Rising Monks
  • ybiC
  • Selected nodes
  • Aristotle
  • Selected nodes
  • turnstep
  • Tips and Tricks & Exploring the Monastery
  • crouchingpenguin
  • Selected nodes

    Any other monks you feel should be added to this list?

    (stands back, with a pencil and a paper, ready to take notes)

    Update: the list on my homenode already displays quite a few homenodes more... I need to find another way to display it, though :-)

    Replies are listed 'Best First'.
    Re: Useful homenodes
    by JanneVee (Friar) on Apr 05, 2005 at 11:34 UTC
      How about tilly ?? It is a huge homenode with alot of nice links.
        Hey, hey, don't get upset :-) I know I'm missing *lots* of people, probably :-)

        tilly added :-)

          I'm not upset... =) I just thought it would be a nice addition. Like uhm... FoxtrotUniform =)
    Re: Useful homenodes
    by tlm (Prior) on Apr 05, 2005 at 12:46 UTC

      Any other monks you feel should be added to this list?

      Among my favorites are the homenodes of japhy, Dominus, dmerphq, and Roy Johnson (Roy's quine alone is worth the price of admission). I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole bunch...

      the lowliest monk

    Re: Useful homenodes
    by Roy Johnson (Monsignor) on Apr 05, 2005 at 13:48 UTC
      You must include ikegami's scratchpad. I was just going through it the other day. Good stuff.

      Caution: Contents may have been coded under pressure.

        Hear Hear! - most useful scratch pad in the monastery. This man's jottings are more useful than my postings.

        -- Anthony Staines
    Re: Useful homenodes
    by Limbic~Region (Chancellor) on Apr 05, 2005 at 12:49 UTC
      It is hard to judge content without actually surfing there, so you might want to check out Homenode Surfing. I still have the original list of homenodes on my pad.

      Cheers - L~R

    Re: Useful homenodes
    by talexb (Chancellor) on Apr 05, 2005 at 17:22 UTC

      I have a few on my Personal Nodelet:

      Whenever I think I'm up to date with what's on the site, a short visit to any of those home nodes sets me straight. There's still *way* more that I need to learn and to do.

      Alex / talexb / Toronto

      "Groklaw is the open-source mentality applied to legal research" ~ Linus Torvalds

    Re: Useful homenodes
    by polettix (Vicar) on Apr 06, 2005 at 15:56 UTC
      I understand that adding cog would not mean much for your list... but it did for mine :)

      Flavio (perl -e "print(scalar(reverse('ti.xittelop@oivalf')))")

      Don't fool yourself.

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