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by Roger (Parson)
on Aug 29, 2003 at 13:24 UTC ( [id://287641]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Roger has posted his 800th node 326186 on 2004-02-03 08:10:21.

Roger has just made the 3000 XP mark on 25 Nov 2003, at 5:35pm.

Roger is now the very proud father of little Albert!
Little Albert was born at 8:08pm, 4th November 2003, the Melbourne Cup day.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (University of Melbourne),
Bachelor of Computer Science (University of Melbourne),

Currently contracting at National Australian Bank holding the following title(s):
- Financial Risk Management Systems Expert
- Program Manager
- Project Manager
- Technical Team Lead and Mentor
- System Architect
- Business Requirement Analyst
- Technical Advisor to Business
- Advisor to the Perl Competency
- Lead Programmer (99% Perl of course ;-)

My road to Perl was pretty long for people of my age... My frist computer in the early 80's was actually a programmable calculator with a single line of LED display, you can write program in Basic, and print the results on the attached tape printer. Believe or not, it is STILL working!

In the 80's
- Basic on Programmable calculator (average)
- Apple Basic (expert)
- Apple 6502 Assembly (above average)
- Fortran (average)
- Z80 assembly (average)
- 8088 assembly (expert)
- GWBasic (expert)
- Pascal (Borland, Microsoft Quick) (expert)
- C (Borland, Microsoft, etc) (expert)

In the 90's
- 80286 assembly (expert)
- C++ (Borland, Watcom, etc) (above average)
- 80386 assembly (export)
- Scheme (expert)
- Lisp (average)
- SQL (expert)
- 4GL (beginner)
- Visual Basic (expert)
- Delphi (beginner)
- awk, sed, etc... (average)
- Shell (average)
- Solaris assembly (beginner)
- GNU assembly (average)

I encountered Perl when I went to the home of a professor of my highshool friend (then in a different university), he was writing a document management system for a hospital in Perl, and was looking for people to help him...

In the new century
- Visual C/C++ .NET (average)
- Visual Basic .NET (expert)
- Java (beginner, actually, worse than beginner)

Nowadays I pretty much only use Perl (and C occasionally for writing XS components). Well, that is not quite true, I am stuck with writing spec's all day long at work, if I am not dragged into meetings for hours.

Only at Perl Monks I can have peace and some real fun. :-)

-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1 GAT d++ s+:+ a C++++ U++ P+++ L++++ E--- W++ N+ o-- K- w+++ w--(---) O +---- M- V-- PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP++ t+++ 5+++ X+++ R+++ tv+++ b++++ DI--- D+++ G-- e++ h++ h---- r+++ y+++ ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------
(decode my Geek Code)

See my pointless daily XP chart

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