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where title contains "Patrick"

Date:Author/owner:Title:Node type:
2017-12-10 PatrickofJohn PatrickofJohn's scratchpad SPad
2017-12-10 PatrickofJohn PatrickofJohn User
2017-07-03 Jason Patrick Jason Patrick's scratchpad SPad
2017-07-03 Jason Patrick Jason Patrick User
2016-07-07 Patrick46 Patrick46's scratchpad SPad
2016-07-07 Patrick46 Patrick46 User
2015-07-05 thisisPatrick thisisPatrick's scratchpad SPad
2015-07-05 thisisPatrick thisisPatrick User
2015-05-25 vieira_patrick vieira_patrick's scratchpad SPad
2015-05-25 vieira_patrick vieira_patrick User
2015-04-14 Kevinpatrickmcdonald Kevinpatrickmcdonald's scratchpad SPad
2015-04-14 Kevinpatrickmcdonald Kevinpatrickmcdonald User
2015-03-23 patrick_oree patrick_oree's scratchpad SPad
2015-03-23 patrick_oree patrick_oree User
2014-09-23 gzpatrick2011 gzpatrick2011's scratchpad SPad
2014-09-23 gzpatrick2011 gzpatrick2011 User
2014-05-06 dpatrickallen dpatrickallen's scratchpad SPad
2014-05-06 dpatrickallen dpatrickallen User
2014-03-18 Zombie patrickeboada patrickeboada's scratchpad SPad
2013-12-06 Zombie PatrickF PatrickF's scratchpad SPad
2013-06-12 patrickjean patrickjean's scratchpad SPad
2013-02-25 markpatrick markpatrick's scratchpad SPad
2012-11-13 Zombie patrickfung patrickfung's scratchpad SPad
2012-10-15 patricklinker patricklinker's scratchpad SPad
2012-01-27 raiph Patrick's answer to chromatic's Rakudo requirements (was Re^4: Rakudo Star, Red Queen Edition) Re:Med
2012-01-13 patrickhayes patrickhayes's scratchpad SPad
2012-01-13 patrickhayes patrickhayes User
2012-01-12 braydenapatricke braydenapatricke's scratchpad SPad
2011-10-11 patrickgeli patrickgeli's scratchpad SPad
2011-08-31 Patrick Devitt Patrick Devitt's scratchpad SPad
2011-08-31 Patrick Devitt Patrick Devitt User
2011-04-02 jonrpatrick jonrpatrick's scratchpad SPad
2011-03-09 wallisds St. Patrick's Day and Perl meetup in Baltimore, MD News
2011-01-23 patricklee patricklee's scratchpad SPad
2011-01-23 patricklee patricklee User
2010-05-23 patrick.j patrick.j's scratchpad SPad
2010-05-23 patrick.j patrick.j User
2010-05-21 patrickculverton patrickculverton's scratchpad SPad
2009-07-23 PatrickWStevens PatrickWStevens's scratchpad SPad
2009-07-05 PatrickNeal PatrickNeal's scratchpad SPad
2009-06-14 patrickhaller patrickhaller's scratchpad SPad
2009-06-14 patrickhaller patrickhaller User

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