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New Feature Announcement: Custom Node Title Definition

by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on Jan 08, 2002 at 03:16 UTC ( #136993=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In user settings below the "Your signature:" box you should see something like
Custom Node Title Definition
Available tokens are %T - the title, %D - the create date, %N the node_id, and %S, the section (SOPW,Q&A,... but only for root nodes)
**caveat: don't use [ or ], rather use [ and ]
** FORM GOES HERE ** UNAVAILABLE ON THIS NODE BECAUSE IT IS NOT ON THE Perl Monks Approved HTML tags. If you want to see the real deal, just go to user settings

The idea came about in Title, or Trash? and has come up a couple of times since then.

Like mentioned above, the available tokens are:
%T - title of the node
%N - node_id of the node
%D - create time of the node (GMT)
%S - roughly the section of the node (for root nodes), but always the type of the node.

Do not use use [] in there, because they will be expanded (turned into links), and that doesn't look good at the top of a browser window.

What you Custom Node Title Definition affects, is:
<TITLE>Teh Text at the top of yer browser window, usually ;)</TITLE>

So if my Custom Node Title Definition was:  %S|PM|%N|%D|%T
If I went to view
Coding superstitions
I would see (at the time of this writing, titles may have changed)
perlmeditation|PM|136904|2002-01-07 18:40:47|Superstitions

Multi-Format Log Parser - Version 2.0
perlcraft|PM|135860|2002-01-02 23:02:21|Multi-Format Log Parser - Version 2.0

New line wrapping feature
monkdiscuss|PM|19880|2000-06-26 17:15:23|New line wrapping feature

Newest Nodes
superdoc|PM|3628|2000-02-17 19:12:24|Newest Nodes

RE: RE: New line wrapping feature
note|PM|19901|2000-06-26 19:58:40|RE: RE: New line wrapping feature

** note that as advertised, when viewing replies directly, most of the time they show up as of type "note". The %S token will correspond roughtly to section only for root nodes. There is no need to generate extra hits on the server for replies.

Parallel Downloads using Parallel::ForkManager or whatever works!!!
perlquestion|PM|136983|2002-01-07 21:37:13|Parallel Downloads using Parallel::ForkManager or whatever works!!!

modulereview|PM|32245|2000-09-13 04:22:11|<!--review-->Lingua::Ispell

Simple Module Tutorial
perltutorial|PM|102347|2001-08-05 21:30:41|Simple Module Tutorial

user|PM|22609|2000-07-14 18:45:20|tye

pmdev wiki
wiki|PM|106868|2001-08-22 02:44:52|pmdev wiki

You get the idea.

More tokens could be made available, but since the <TITLE></TITLE> is prime realestate, I don't see any additional tokens as really usefull (%D was a streach).

Many thanks to vroom for fixing things up and everybody who contributed, peace.

P.S.pmdevers note - the obvious patch is at user settings, and the other one is at basichead

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