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Module Reviews

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If you are shopping around for the Perl module which is just right for your needs, read these reviews — written by perl monks — to help you make an informed decision.

If you have used a module and you think other monks might benefit from your experiences, please share them here by writing a review!

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Acme::Apache::Werewolf by rob_au
Protect web directories from werewolves!
Acme::Comment by PERLscienceman
Allows multi-line comments which are filtered out.
Acme::Current by jeffa
Keeping current the Acme Way
Acme::DNS::Correct by antirice
Return expected results when attempting to perform a DNS lookup on domains that don't exist
Acme::Don't by rob_au
The opposite of do
Algorithm::Diff by VSarkiss
Find differences in two sequences "intelligently"
Apache::ASP by trs80
For developing dynamic web applications
Apache::Htpasswd by greenFox
A module to manage an apache .httpasswd or other Unix crypt-style password file.
Apache::MP3 by maverick
mod_perl module to provide mp3 listing / streaming
AppConfig by BoredByPolitics
The Swiss Army Knife of Config Param modules
Archive::Tar by graff
Module for manipulating tar file contents
BioPerl by scain
A collection of bioinformatics modules
Bone::Easy by Guildenstern
Generate pickup lines in Perl
Business::CreditCard by jdavidboyd
Validate/generate credit card checksums/name
Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet by twerq
AuthorizeNet backend for Business::OnlinePayment
C::Scan by knight
Scans C source code for functions, typedefs, macros, variables, etc.
Carp::Clan by Aristotle
The way it should always have worked
CDB_File by ehdonhon
Perl extension for access to cdb databases
CGI::Application by rob_au
Framework for building reusable web-applications in an object-orientated and extensible fashion
CGI::Carp by redcloud
CGI routines for reporting errors
CGI::Cookie by wardk
Manage Cookies via Perl CGI
CGI::Explorer by stefp
it displays trees of data.often known as HList
Class::DBI by stonecolddevin
A Simple Database Abstraction
Config::IniFiles by wardk
A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
Convert::Morse by PERLscienceman
Coordinate by orbital
Creating and manipulating Coordinate objects
cpan-upload by liz
Upload one or more files to CPAN, using PAUSE by Aighearach
Curses::UI by sheridan3003
A curses base User Interface framework
Data::Dumper by geektron
takes a variable ( or reference to a variable) and 'unrolls' or dumps it out for inspection
Data::Flow by knight
Recipe-controlled data manipulation.
Data::FormValidator by markjugg
Helps the process of validating HTML forms
Data::ShowTable by markjugg
routines to display tabular data in several formats.
Data::TreeDumper by Anonymous Monk
Replacement for Data::Dumper
Date::Calc by Anonymous Monk
The Perl module for handling dates
Date::Manip by ZZamboni
Powerful date parsing, arithmetic and other manipulation
Date::Simple by shiza
Lightweight, yet powerful, date manipulation.
DBD::Anydata by idsfa
The DBD::AnyData module provides a DBI/SQL interface to data in many formats and from many sources.
DBD::RAM by mirod
A DBI driver for files and data structures
DBI vs. Oraperl by wardk
Options for accessing Oracle from Perl
DBIx::XML_RDB by mirod
Exports data from a relational data base as XML
desift by princepawn
a module for simple data munging
Devel::Peek by nakor
the standard module for peeking at Perl's internals
Devel::ptkdb by busunsl
Graphical debugger for perl by damian1301
A great module for catching and possibly telling you how to fix and error
Email::Valid by kilinrax
Checks the validity of an email address (hence the name ;-)
ExtUtils::ModuleMaker by simonflk
an h2xs replacement for non-XS modules
EZDBI by Juerd
Easy interface to SQL database
File::Find by Corion
Enumerate files and directories in a directory tree
File::GetLineMaxLength by martin
Get lines from a file, up to a maximum line length
File::SortedSeek by RMGir
Quick lookup of values in sorted text files
File::Spec by tye
Portable ways to manipulate file specifications
Filter::Handle by Adam
Apply a filter to a filehandle! Written by our own btrott
GD by Jouke - Interface to Gd Graphics Library
Geo::Weather by damian1301
This is a great module that grabs the weather with very simple commands from the National Weather System
Getopt::Declare by danger
Declarative command line argument parser
Gimp by Aighearach
Goo-Canvas by zentara
Improved Canvas for Gtk2 based on Cairo
HTML::Clean Review by sheridan3003
Cleans up static HTML pages
HTML::Embperl by trs80
Allows for embedding Perl inside of HTML for server side processing.
HTML::FillInForm by MrCromeDome
Automagically populate HTML forms with CGI parameters
HTML::FromText by FoxtrotUniform
Mark up text as HTML
HTML::Mason module review by TheoPetersen
Embed Perl code in Web pages with component architecture
HTML::Template by defyance
A great module for creating HTML templates.
HTML::TreeBuilder by Nooks
Parser that builds a HTML syntax tree
Image::Magick by Corion
Manipulate picture files in various file formats
Inline::Files by ariels
Multiple virtual files at the end of your code
IPC::Open3 by tilly
Open a process for reading, writing, and error handling
Lingua::Ispell by jeffa
Plug ispell easily into an application
List::Compare by McMahon
Easily creates sophisticated comparison information about arrays.
Mail::POP3Client by xjar
Module for interfacing with a POP3 server using RFC1939.
Mail::Sendmail by Corion
Send mail without any local mailer installed
Memoize by ariels
Make your functions faster by trading space for time
MIME-tools by mpolo
Parse and create MIME messages
MIME::Lite - For outging mail with attachments by trs80
Builds MIME structures
Module::Build by rinceWind
A replacement for ExtUtils::MakeMaker
Module::Compile::TT by dragonchild
Sane source filtering for the rest of us
Net::FTP by vaevictus
provides simple OO interface to the File Transfer Protocol
Net::IMAP::Simple by nite_man
A simple Perl interface to the IMAP server.
NET::LDAP by bobtfish
A module to allow perl to query and/or update LDAP directories.
Net::Telnet by Rex(Wrecks)
Making telnet with perl way too easy.
NetAddr::IP by Clownburner
Manipulates IP addresses, masks, and subnets
Number::Spell by PERLscienceman
Perl extension for spelling out numbers.
PAR by rinceWind
Packaging perl scripts as executables
Parallel::ForkManager by Clownburner
Provides a simplified way to run multiple parallel forks within a program.
Params::Validate by rinceWind
Validation of parameters passed to a subroutine
Parse::RecDescent by Masem
Lex/Yacc-like grammar parser for perl
Pod::Simple::HtmlBatch by doom
Converting internal code documentation to web-pages
Pod::Usage by skx
print a usage message from embedded pod documentation
Pod::Webserver by rinceWind
A tool for browsing the modules you have installed
Proc::Background by flyingmoose
Create and manage processes on Windows & Unix
Proc::Daemon by ncw
A small but perfectly formed module for turning your unix process into a Daemon
Proc::ProcessTable by rob_au
Framework for obtaining and extracting information on process execution
Quantum::Superpositions by larsen
QM-like superpositions in Perl
Roman by mirod
Counting in roman numbers
Semi::Semicolons by ailie
Write Perl with 'Peterbilt' as statement terminator.
Slurp by Juerd
Slurp entire files into variables
Sman by Khen1950fx
Search and Index Manpages
SNMP by Nooks
SNMP module for the UC Davis SNMPv3 library
SOAP::Lite by $code or die
Add SOAP capabilities to your applications with ease
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel by abaxaba
Create MS_Excel binaries
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel by BigGuy
To write a spreadsheet in native excel binary form
Storable by TheoPetersen
Persistency for Perl data structures by tye
Adds strictness that can make Perl code easier to maintain
String::Random by ishmael
Generate random strings based on a pattern
SVK by rinceWind
Distributed / offline version control
Switch by Cow1337killr
Switch - A switch statement for Perl, do not use if you can use given/when
Template Toolkit 2 by Masem
A language-neutral templating system
Term::ProgressBar by crenz
Allows you to easily add progress bars to your command-line utilities
Text::CSV by TStanley
Manipulation routines for comma-separated values
Text::MicroMason by Aristotle
A fast, lightweight, excellently documented und unbelievably painful to use template engine.
Text::Template by mirod
A module that fills-in templates including Perl code
Text::xSV by TStanley
Read and separate character separated data
Time::Piece::MySQL by jeffa
Bridges the gap between Perl and MySQL date-time types
Tree::DAG_Node by bm
Represents nodes in a tree, and their relationships
Win32::API by Guildenstern
Allows use of many Win32 API calls
Win32::Lanman by SyN/AcK
A module that handles all of the Lanman functionallity for Win32
Win32::OLE by Rudif
"Where Perl magic meets Windows"
WWW::Amazon::Wishlist by monkfan
Scrape all the details from your Amazon wishlist
XML::DOM by mirod
Implements W3C's Document Object Model
XML::Grove by Laurent CAPRANI
A perl-friendly tree-based XML processing module
XML::Parser by mirod
Low level module for parsing XML in Perl
XML::PYX by mirod
A line-oriended interface to XML
XML::Simple by mirod
A simple interface to XML documents
XML::Twig by mirod
A Perlish and efficient module for XML processing
XML::UM by mirod
creates encoding functions from UTF-8 to most encodings
XML::Writer by mirod
A module to write XML
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