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by Lexicon (Chaplain)
on Oct 17, 2000 at 04:37 UTC ( [id://37070]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm at the University of Washington working on a PhD in Biochemistry. It's an adventure being the big bad computer scientist in the world of biologists, and I'm holding my own so far.

I've written a few things, which are available here and hopefully someday on CPAN if I can ever figure it out. Currently published here are my Math::Combinatorics v1.00 and Math::Combinatorics::Combinator v0.90 (RC A) modules. More to follow?

Many monks, myself included, originally arrived here under the impression that were were a monastery of Perl, and within these walls its worship was supreme. Yet, the Wisdom contained withing these walls is too great for any one subject, and in fact spans all horizons:

Sphere Philosopher Wisdom
Anatomy tilly Dissections are not bad. At least not compared to abcesses in the rear which need to be emptied with a modified ice-cream scoop, leaving you with 2 openings to the colon...
Dealing with Enemies MeowChow That would make for a nice bumper sticker: "Get your own dog, pervert!"
Disaster Planning PsychoSpunk Yeah, if I ever burn out on computers, I'm going to figure out how to become a writer for professional wrestling.
Friendly Competition Lexicon azatoth I notice that I just overtook your highest ranked node. ;)
azatoth Lexicon: Hold still while i punch you in the face.
Gender Differences MeowChow ElizaPM What is your naked and petrified body?
Home Cooking ElizaPM dws What makes you think of my hot grits?
Human Sexuality MeowChow Is ElizaPM a ventrilloquible bot, petethered, or do you have some BDSM thing going?
Male Bonding azatoth Last night was my first night out with the lads in a while, sue. Predictably we ended up in a stripclub.
Obfuscated Psychology Petruchio Actually, I'm rather partial to Jung's notion that there's a common psychological underpinning to number associations, which becomes manifest in various traditions.
Offerings to the Gods boo_radley (Red Bull and red devil are) the only way to write the blessed code of the incan monkey god.
Perverts and Abusers crazyinsomniac Have a little taste of my cattle prod, then try the barrel of my shotgun.
Piracy dws Rapiers are used by the snappier dressed pirates ... Cutlasses are reserved for "dress casual" fridays.
Prehistoric Convenience tilly Well, without it, calculations show that the amount of food in its stomach would have cooked the poor beast. :-)
Chmrr So predators just ripped off the plates and waited for dinner to roast itself? ;>
Albannach ...and the plates came in handy when the roasting was done ;-)
Web Browser APIs Lexicon $IE->HyperSpinFire KICK(MeowChow);
French Names Lexicon Does OeufMayo mean something? In typical American fasion, I read it and think "out of mayonase". Culture me, please.
virtualsue Mayo
OeufMayo Lexicon: 'uf' eq 'Egg' && 'Mayo' eq 'Mayonnaise'
Lexicon is even more perplexed than before.
Petruchio Apparently we Americans are more cultured than we thought. ;-)

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