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by Kage (Scribe)
on Oct 24, 2001 at 18:57 UTC ( [id://121131]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The origins of Kage:

  • Name created about 5 or 6 years ago, as I had started learning Japanese, and found that the word "Kage" meant "Shadow."
  • Role-Played in various MUDs and MUCKs using the name, Kage for a few scattered years.
  • Transferred to Yahoo! Role-Playing areas, called Ayenee, under different various names; Kage was ditched from Role-Playing, and used as a tagname in various (GOOD) hacking societies.
  • Joined a clan in Yahoo! Role-Playing, called No-Shinto, under the name of Kage; Ditched all other old names.
  • Become a very popular and well-known Role-Player in Yahoo!, dozens of message boards, and various Telnet MUD/MUCKs as Kage.
  • Left Yahoo! Role-Playing when idiots and Godmoders started appearing by the grosses; Also left the (STILL GOOD) hacking society after notoriety started surrounding the name of Kage.
  • Used the name Kage as a tagname in the programming society.

The entity behind Kage:
  • Name: Alex
  • Age: 21
  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Happily Taken :D~
  • All other information is irrelevant.

Random Chatterbox Logs:

Oct 20, 2002 at 17:59 EDT
    <Kage> $boredomlevel = "57"; while ($boredomlevel) { $boredomlevel++ }
    <deprecated> tye++
    <tye> how did BSD break xargs?
    Kage is reduced to typing useless and completely stupidiotic codes for no purpose, only to amuse and/or annoy someone or everyone. How sad.
Dec 22, 2002 at 18:47 ESTMar 6, 2004 at 19:32 EST
    <sheep> 'evening
    <Corion> Hi sheep :)
    <sheep> Hello Corion :>
    Corion just discovered that Fire$ANIMAL creates a new tab on double-clicking in empty tab-space ...
    <Kage> I don't believe I know sheep?
    Kage just discovered that Fire$DEADANIMAL creates medium-well meat, ready for eatin'
    <atcroft> good-localtime, sheep
    <Corion> Kage: You don't know those white fluffy and cute animals?
    sheep greets Kage - that's me sheep!
    <sheep> Hola atcroft.
    <Corion> Anyway - it's bedtime for me, and counting the one, over and over again :)
    <sheep> Hehe, good night then Mr. Corion, sleep well
    <Kage> Corion, I'm from West Virginia, believe me, I know those sexy, fluffly, white and cute animals very well.. Baaaa.
    atcroft refrains from a comment that could be used against him in ways other than proving his stupidity
Mar 6, 2004 at 19:52 EST
    b10m curses after noticing his server hung itself again ... damned suicidal servers!
    <atcroft> b10m: you have to remember to give them the jumpsuits that are one-piece only, and take away shoestrings, belts, and anything else that can easily be used for hanging...
    <b10m> atcroft Can't really deny them an UTP cable, now can I?
    <atcroft> b10m: did they seem depressed?
    <b10m> atcroft To be honest, it looked quite happy, serving everyone's needs with pleasure ...
    <atcroft> it's always the ones you least suspect.... *shrug*
    <Kage> These are times when you need to sit down with your servers and talk to them about teen issues they may be experiencing.
    <blue_cowdawg> hi there gang!
    <b10m> Kage Nah, usually a good kick works better
    <atcroft> Kage: like interfacing with other machines they don't know?
    <blue_cowdawg> side kick, front snap or roundhouse kick b10m?
    <Kage> NO, b10m! Abuse is NOT the answer! Silence the violence *smack*
    <blue_cowdawg> . o O ( kicking a machine could result in hurting your foot )
    <Kage> atcroft, or better yet, talking with them about protection. Every server should wear a firewall before interfacing.
    <blue_cowdawg> yes... a server should always practice safe hex.
    <atcroft> *rofl*
    blue_cowdawg feels very sage at the moment.
    <b10m> blue any kick will do. My combat boots will protect my feet :)
    <Kage> b10m, or a good pair of Metatarsels.
    b10m .oO( A server /should/ at least leave a note of why it commited suicide! )
    barrd wanders back in and kicks b10m just 'cause sporty isn't about ;-)

Memorable Moments:

Dec 21, 2002 at 18:30 EST
    You have 12 votes left today.
    You gained 52 experience points!
    you have 22 points until level 5.
    (This was after one day!)
Dec 22, 2002 at 17:25 EST
    Became Monk (5) with 204 exp.

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